The importance of a diverse workforce: Download your guide 

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Diversity is a core component of any talent acquisition strategy and comes with many tangible benefits for organisations. Download our Talent Guide now and learn how to be inclusive in the hiring process. 


What do I need to know about having a diverse workforce? 

If your workforce is lacking new ideas and creativity and has low morale, then encouraging diversity may be what your organisation needs. Explore the tangible benefits that your organisation can gain.  

  1. Innovation: The more diverse your workforce is, the more diverse the knowledge, skill sets, and experiences you’ll get. You will benefit by tackling problems in a unique way that you may not have thought of prior.  
  2. Improved attraction and retention: The skill pool of candidates becomes larger and more varied as employees are attracted to a diverse organisation with a good reputation. Likewise, employees are more likely to stay if an organisation has an inclusive culture and everyone has a better understanding of each other.
  3. Improved financial performance: Enhanced decision-making and reduced recruitment costs can bring financial gain. As employees want to stay with your organisation the need to continuously recruit is minimised.
  4. Meritocratic culture: Operating as a meritocratic culture means the best people are promoted and the best ideas are implemented. If an employee wants to reach personal objectives, they must work hard and put the effort in.  

Access your copy of our Talent Guide for advice to help you find your ideal employee, or alternatively explore our Diversity & Inclusion page for more expertise. 


Our experience in hiring a diverse workforce 

Hays has over 50 years’ experience with an in-house diversity and inclusion expert. Yvonne Smith (Head of Diversity and Inclusion) is our trusted DE&I expert. For more information on the benefits of diversity in a workplace please contact on 0203 465 0055 or by emailing 

For more information discover the Hays Diversity Report, our award-winning Hays Journal, and expert blogs.  


What to expect from the Hays Talent Guide  

Our Talent Guide will help your business find the ideal candidate.  

Offering hiring advice at every step: 

  • Writing job descriptions 
  • CV analysis 
  • Interview techniques 
  • Writing offer letters 
  • Counteroffer advice 

Download your copy of the Talent Guide to discover detailed insights on hiring advice. 


What does this mean for my business? 

Hays Talent Guide will inform you on: 

  • Encouraging diversity within your organisation 
  • Gaining tangible benefits from a diverse workforce 
  • Hiring advice  

Download your free Talent Guide and explore our hiring advice.  


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