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New quarterly updates have been added to Hays Ireland Salary & Recruiting Trends, has the market outlook improved? Visit now to find out.

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Hays Journal Issue 20 - download your copy

Exploring case studies, insights, news and views from companies all over the world, the Hays Journal Issue 20 is out now.


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Free staff diversity training

Sign up to Hays Thrive so your team can benefit from our Diversity & Inclusion package – as well as dozens more free training courses.


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Visit our candidate hub for all the latest advice on job hunting and getting ahead in today’s changed world of work.

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CV writing: Your questions answered

CV writing: your questions answered

We address some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to creating or updating a CV.

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Discover our employer hub

Visit our employer hub and discover how you can prepare now for the new era of work.


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What's challenging female leaders of colour

Leadership Coach Simi Riyat and CEO of Dream Life Academy Rhonda Williams discuss the challenges female leaders of colour face in today's world.

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