6 reasons to take on temps for summer ‘23

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, adaptability is the watchword. Organisations are taking varying measures to increase their resilience in the face of evolving challenges, both known and unexpected.

Hiring temporary workers is one such strategy, with the latest KPMG and REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) report on jobs highlighting the appeal of non-permanent staff amid an uncertain economic backdrop. Furthermore, our latest salary guide revealed that almost half of UK employers (45%) were hiring temp or contract workers to overcome skill shortages (or 41% of employers in Ireland).

And with roughly 1.65 million temp workers currently in the UK, there’s a huge pool of on-demand skills and expertise to draw from.

Here are six persuasive reasons why temp workers should be part of your workforce strategy.

1. Stay agile

Faced with acute skills shortages, evolving ways of working, and fluctuating markets, temporary workers are prized for the agility they can bring an organisation. Whether you’re looking to fill a sudden business-critical vacancy, plan for seasonal changes, or rapidly scale your workforce on short notice, temporary staff provide an attractive solution.

2. Save on costs

Temp workers allow you to onboard staff without the added financial burden of increasing your permanent headcount. It’s possible to adjust the number of workers you need on the go, avoiding the risk of being overstaffed during slower periods. Moreover, it’s also possible to save on costly onboarding and training processes, alongside the benefits usually owed to permanent employees.

To optimise your cost savings, consider partnering with an expert. Our temporary recruitment services are streamlined to reduce your temp spend, cutting out lengthy admin and processes with externally managed pay and timesheets.

3. Fill niche skills gaps

Engaging with the temp worker job market is an effective way of quickly obtaining niche skills that may otherwise prove costly, or that you don’t necessarily need on a long-term basis. This is particularly pertinent in a rapidly changing tech landscape, where gaining expertise in emerging areas – such as artificial intelligence (AI) or cybersecurity – can give your business the edge it needs to remain competitive and compliant.

It would be a mistake to dismiss non-permanent staff as being less talented; many are the best in their field and bring a multitude of experiences

4. Don’t underestimate temps’ skillsets

Not only do temp workers come with on-demand skills, but they can also bring new outlooks and innovative ways of working. While temp work may seem more transactional in nature, it would be a mistake to dismiss non-permanent staff as being less talented; many are the best in their field and bring a multitude of experiences gained across various organisations and industries.

5. Get projects over the line – quickly

Sometimes you just need more people to see through an important project. As highlighted above, the temp workforce is home to a diversity of talented professionals capable of making an impact from the get-go. Be it technical expertise or project management, the temp market has the talent you need to deliver on time and on budget. You may even be so impressed by a temp worker that you offer them a permanent position.

6. Discover new perm talent

Not all temp workers are exclusively tied to the gig economy – many are actively seeking permanent roles and simply temping in the interim. A temporary assignment offers you the opportunity to assess a professional’s competencies and cultural fit; something that the interview process won’t always reveal.

Build your temp workforce strategy

No matter your business challenges or opportunities, temp workers are an increasingly important aspect of the modern workforce. But without a dedicated temp strategy, you may struggle to secure the desired skills and cost savings. It’s imperative that you have the right channels to access emerging skills, a compelling offering to attract and retain talent, and the processes in place to remain compliant.

Temporary workers are more than just a fallback, but a way of building resilience, embedding agility, and enriching your workforce. If you don’t take advantage of this talent pool, you can be sure your competitors will be.

To find out how we can help fill a temporary vacancy at your organisation, speak to one of our local expert consultants today.


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