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Did you know expert recruiters coach you and leverage their exclusive networks to boost your job prospects? To learn how recruiters advocate for your strengths and expertise to transform your job search, download our guide today.


Highlights from our working with a recruiter guide

Only you, as the candidate, know when you’ve found the perfect job. But with so many portals to search, it’s near impossible to review and apply for every job posting on your own. That’s where expert recruiters come into the picture to improve your job-seeking journey. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how recruiters use their network to secure interviews for you in sought-after industries. We also reveal how recruitment consultants can help you to ace the interview, by coaching you through the application process.

While you may have your job search in hand, working with a recruiter will help you to find and secure in-demand jobs at top institutions.

When you download our guide on working with recruiters, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a CV that stands out in your niche
  • How to identify your job-specific strengths
  • How to find and improve any weaknesses
  • How to optimise your online profile, a must in today’s world
  • And how to tailor your application for each company


Access the full guide on working with a recruiter

Simply complete the details in the form on this page to access a PDF guide. When you submit your responses, you’ll gain instant access to our expert guide on how your recruiter will use their network to secure interviews at sought-after companies and enhance your application.

The questions we ask within the form will help us to suggest content that’s relevant to your specific area of interest. We’ll only use your data to give you access to the guide and to tailor the content we show you. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.


Why you should download the guide to working with a recruiter

We spoke to our specialist recruiters about what candidates appreciate the most from working with a recruiter. The stand-out response was how our recruiters help candidates improve their applications for the job.

Download our guide to get access to our job-ready resources:

  • The essential CV layout
  • A blank strengths and weaknesses assessment template

At Hays, we’ve helped thousands of candidates reach the next step in their careers. Our expert recruiters will act as your agent. They’ll tap into our network of hiring managers and companies to build you a strong case for the role.

Our guide to working with job recruiters provides insights into how we:

  • Understand your industry
  • Can help to improve your CV
  • Will enhance your online branding
  • Act as your personal agent
  • Help you to prepare for interviews
  • Provide multiple opportunities that you may struggle to find alone

Download our guide to access more information on how recruiters at Hays can transform your job-seeking experience. 


Our experience as specialist recruiters working with candidates

We’ve been placing candidates for over 50 years. With a workforce of 10,000+ people across 33 countries and multiple industries, we know your career options inside out. We’re even able to advise you on your salary level against the market value. 

If you’re looking for a recruiter who’s invested in your career, download our guide to working with a recruiter today.


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