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Learn about body language in interviews. Download our guide to power posing your way to receiving the job offer.


Highlights from your guide to interview power posture

Your body language says a lot about you and can be the deciding factor in an interview. Don’t let your nerves show through and affect your performance. Download our guide to learn how your body language is key to making a great impression.

How do you come across in interviews?

Easy body language tips to try include:

  • Say hello, smile, and maintain eye contact for a second or two.
  • Sit in a straight and upright neutral position.
  • Rest your arms on the arms of the chair or your legs.Achieve a simple power posture by keeping your arms and legs uncrossed and facing your entire body to the person you’re talking to.
  • Make lots of eye contact during the interview when you are listening and speaking.
  • Avoid body language like excessive hand gestures, re-crossing your legs, or touching your face and hair, as you may distract the interviewer.

Practise small habits such as how to sit in an interview. The more you prepare for your interview, the more relaxed your body language will appear. Remember: an appropriately relaxed interviewee appears more confident than someone in a strong pose.

Your body language and personality might be the game changer if you are competing against someone with the same qualifications and experience.

Download your guide to interview body language for more insight on staying confident in an interview.


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Why you should download our guide to interviewing

Even if you have the perfect CV and you’ve prepared flawless answers to tough questions, your body posture and language could change an employer’s opinion. If you are slouched in the chair, tapping your foot, or fidgeting, you may come across negatively. Our guide explains body language to avoid, so you won’t come across as if you are distracted, not listening, or even bored.

Beyond body language alone, our guide covers:

  • How to prepare for interviews and what job-relevant research to do
  • How to handle and respond to questions
  • Essential to-dos on the day of the interview
  • The best way to follow up after your interview to cement you in the mind of an employer

Access the guide today to complete your interview with confidence.


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