Download your guide to maintaining your wellbeing while working from home

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Remote work is full of perks, but it requires a different approach to your wellbeing than working in an office. It’s important to balance working from home with mental health considerations. Download our guide to access ten wellbeing tips for working from home.


Highlights from the guide to maintaining wellbeing while working at home

Whether working from home as a permanent or temporary measure, remote work can blur your work-life balance. This lack of a divide between home and working space can gradually impact your wellbeing. Less face-to-face interaction with your colleagues can also easily lead to feeling lonely.

Download our guide for remote workers, wherein our experts offer ten essential tips for good mental health. We'll explore why you need to balance your work and personal life and the potential impact on your mental wellbeing.

Expect ten tips on maintaining your wellbeing at home, including:

  • Ways to approach your mindset
  • Advice on how to not feel isolated working from home
  • Tactics to influence your physical wellbeing
  • Advice on the types of boundaries to set

Download the guide to mental health for remote workers today. You'll also learn how to identify when a colleague may be feeling isolated and what you can do to help.


Discover the full guide to maintaining your wellbeing at home

To access your PDF guide to employee wellbeing, simply fill in your details on this page. You’ll gain instant access to our wellbeing guide when you submit the form. 

The answers you give within the form will help us to offer tailored content for your area of interest. We’ll only use your data to give you access to the guide and to tailor the content we show you. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.


Why you should download the guide on maintaining your wellbeing when working from home

The best way to maintain your wellbeing is to be proactive: protect yourself from declining mental health in the first place. Active prevention is essential when working at home. It’s easy to hide or ignore signs of burnout when you’re not speaking to your team regularly. Our guide will help to recognise signs of burnout before we’re in too deep.

In fact, The Royal Society for Public Health revealed that 67% of people feel less connected to the company's community while working at home. Despite community being essential for mental health, only 34% of employees have been offered mental health support from their employer. 

Protect your wellbeing and urge your employer to invest in mental health by sharing our resources with them.

This guide contains ten short, practical tips that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly routine. Protect and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing while working from home by downloading our guide.


Our experience in remote work wellbeing

At Hays, we like to catch up with our candidates in the weeks and months after they secure a new job. In those check-ins, we see firsthand how remote working can impact employees. Our recruitment team are well-versed in identifying and applying the best methods to maintain employee wellbeing. 

As we work remotely at Hays, we also practise what we preach when it comes to wellbeing support for remote employees. This guide shares our real-world experience of tactics that we've seen create a happier remote workplace.


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