CV analyisis

How effective is your CV analysis process?

It is always pleasing to receive a large number of applicants for any advertised role, but without the right analysis it can be time-consuming to effectively sort through all the applications.

In order to enable you to start the right analysis of these CVs we would always go back to your original requirements to include:

  • Education and qualifications
  • Appropriate skills and achievements
  • Employment record

If you use these points, you can start to successfully analyse your CVs.

Using social media

One area which prospective employers should not neglect is social media. Used correctly, platforms like LinkedIn can be a great tool to track down prospective candidates who have the necessary experience and shared values. It also allows you the opportunity to analyse their CVs to get a more holistic view of a potential candidate.

This is one reason why we have invested heavily in our social media presence. To illustrate this, for the last two years we have been awarded the coveted title of LinkedIn’s Best Company page, and by using a combination of specialists in the field and strategic networking we have obtained over 2.5 million followers, thus increasing the likelihood of you finding the candidate that best meets your requirements.

Should you wish to discuss CV analysis or any aspect of our social media experience, please contact one of our experts, find your nearest office or download our Talent Guide for more insight.

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