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Writing the right letter for the right applicant

As a business you have invested considerable effort and resource into finding the right person, so it is important to secure their acceptance by producing a well written offer letter which seals the deal. The right job offer letter produced in a timely manner can be instrumental in deciding whether a candidate accepts the offer or not – particularly in a competitive employment situation.

To make sure you secure the right candidates you should:

  • Write the right offer letter - Avoid standard letters or at least amend your existing company standard terms of employment to inject a little personality and remember to insert something of their personality too. Producing a letter that is original and personal will increase the chances of your offer being accepted
  • Act straight way - Once you’ve decided on who you want to appoint – have the letter drafted and ready to go
  • Emphasise the positives - Ensure you highlight the benefits which are most likely to appeal to your prospective employee

Creating an experience which keeps your organisation as front runner in the candidate’s mind and making a clear statement in your offer letter is a proven method of securing the right applicant.

To discuss writing an offer letter or to discuss any of these aspects of recruitment with one of our experts, just find your nearest office or download our Talent Guide for more insight.

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