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To retain employees, performance reviews are essential

For a majority of employees, the concept of a ‘job for a life’ is an anachronism. Employees today can move freely from role to role using a number of different channels and can make that move relatively quickly.

It is important for the modern business to ensure they counter this by continuing to motivate employees and create an environment of mutual respect, which aids retention and ultimately improves motivation.

Motivating employees:

1. Challenge employees: Produce goals which will slightly push them and therefore motivate them to perform well

2. Healthy competition: Within a team environment create a culture of healthy competition, but be aware of the individual team members involved as we want this to be a tool to increase employee motivation

3. Delivering feedback: Be honest with feedback – even if you have to be negative. Ensure you temper any negative feedback with positive feedback as well

4. Share information: Everyone likes to feel their views are important so sharing information which is pertinent to their role or department will help an employee feel motivated

5. Praise when warranted: If an employee is performing part of their task well – tell them

Keeping a pay review constructive and positive will give a better outcome to both employer and employee alike.

Pay review follow up

To enable you to assess the effectiveness of the techniques, you will need to have regular reviews with your employees to encourage their motivation and ambition, but also to address any issues or grievances.

Should you wish to discuss any of these aspects of recruitment with one of our experts, just find your nearest office or download our Developing Loyalty Guide for more advice.

Developing Loyalty Guide

developing loyalty

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