Benefits of hiring temps

Could a temp or fixed-term professional be what your business needs?

Hays can help you define what staffing solution is best for your organisation, and then help you find the permanent or temporary staff you need.

Here are some of the benefits for hiring temporary professionals:

  • Cost efficient: A temporary employee by definition is a temporary solution and does not require a fixed annual salary or some of the other additional costs associated with permanent members of staff.
  • Appropriate experience: Temporary staff will have a skill set relevant to your business and are accustomed to working on varied and niche projects.
  • Quicker hiring process: Hiring temporary workers can be a quicker process. This is because you are looking for a short-term fit to meet the immediate needs of the business, rather than a long-term cultural fit.
  • Creating an impact: Temporary workers are used to the concept of working for an organisation for a specified period of time and can make an immediate impact on your business.
  • Flexibility: Temps allow your business to quickly respond to the needs of the market in which you operate.
  • Unique perspectives: Sometimes someone outside the business can completely change the way in which a part of a business has been operating. The more temporary staff you hire, the more diverse range of perspectives you are going to get.

For further help visit our Temporary Recruitment page or download our Temp vs. Perm Guide for more information.

Temp vs. perm?
All you need to know

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