ERP jobs in Ireland

Discover how our unrivalled employer network and tech expertise can give you the platform to pursue your next ERP role.

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ERP jobs in Ireland

Discover how our unrivalled employer network and tech expertise can give you the platform to pursue your next ERP role.

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Our recruitment experience in ERP jobs

Realising the benefits of agile, cutting-edge ERP and CRM systems will help organisations evolve quicker, implement faster, and execute at scale. As a result, your skills and experience as an ERP professional are in high demand. 
​​​​​​Want quick, simple access to the best opportunities in ERP? Our employer network is unrivalled, and we have access to a vast number of ERP roles. This means you can trust us to help you make your next job move and support you at every stage in your career as your lifelong partner. 

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ERP employers we work with

We’re proud to offer ERP professionals a selection of exciting, varied roles for some of the best organisations. This might include a rapidly growing start-up looking to implement their first ERP system, or an established organisation implementing large scale, or specific, upgrades. 

Whatever your preference, you can trust us to offer you a choice of ERP employers from our wide network.



Organisations of all sizes across both the public and private sectors are hiring ERP professionals. Digital transformation projects are shaping the hiring patterns of many leading employers, with ERP talent being at the forefront. 

More and more, ERP is looked upon as the foundation for digital transformation. Solutions will be embedded with emerging technologies like analytics, IoT and AI to support new processes, business models and ways of doing work. 

The widespread adoption of cloud ERP offers lots of opportunities, but there is variation in the projects you could be working on. Large organisations will be transitioning their existing ERP system to the cloud, while smaller businesses may be starting from scratch. 

There are also opportunities in larger organisations which are upgrading from legacy systems; for example, we’re seeing a number of organisations move from on premises SAP environments to cloud-based SAP solutions. 

Salaries will vary depending on what type of ERP system you’re an expert in and where you’ll be based. In general, ERP support analysts tend to earn €50,000, with an ERP project manager typically earning €80,000.  

Regarding contracting rates, this can vary widely in the ERP field. An analyst programmer working remotely could earn €400 a day, while a senior technical architect working in Dublin might expect a daily rate of €750 or more.

There are many ERP jobs currently available. Discover the exciting range of ERP job opportunities that we offer, including ERP jobs for project managers, consultants, implementation, sales and more.  

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Employers are looking for ERP professionals with experience implementing cloud ERP systems, along with an aptitude for Big Data management. A mindset of continuous learning and a drive to research the latest ERP and CRM trends are also highly desirable. 

However, don’t neglect your soft skills either; team management and mentoring, communication skills to address stakeholders, and a problem-solving attitude are all musts.