PA and EA jobs in Ireland

For PA and EA professionals searching for their next career move.

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PA and EA jobs in Ireland

For PA and EA professionals searching for their next career move.

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Our recruitment experience in PA and EA jobs

We can connect you with fulfilling personal and executive assistant jobs to advance your strategic, managerial and administrative skills.

Personal and executive assistants are at the heart of an organisation and play a crucial role in its success – now having a voice at the boardroom table, not just a seat. This is why it’s essential to have a lifelong partner, like us, to support you throughout your entire career journey. We’ll share personal and executive roles that suit your specific needs at any given time. 

With our breadth of recruitment experience for roles in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, we are best placed to find you the right and purposeful personal and executive assistant role that will propel your career forward.  

Our consultant team specialise in recruiting PAs and EAs, within construction, manufacturing, engineering, professional services, financial services and many other fast-growing industries and sectors. 

We recruit across a broad range of positions including, C-suite level executive assistants, executive assistants, personal assistants, secretarial roles and business support roles, so there’s something for every PA and EA no matter your level.   

Just check out our range of PA and EA roles here. 

We place one of our candidates in a new role every 2 hours in Ireland


The salary for an executive assistant will depend on your experience and the area in which you work. According to our 2022 Salary Guide, the typical executive assistant salary (at C-suite level) ranges between €40,000 and €50,000.  

Due to the varied nature of personal assistant roles, there’s not a single route to entry. You can become a personal assistant after completing a university course, a college course, an apprenticeship, a specialist course, or working your way into the role within a company.  

The skills needed to be a successful executive assistant include both technical and soft skills, depending on the responsibilities of the specific role. These can include digital skills, organisational and communication skills, as well as time management skills. Take a look at our latest Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide to see the most in-demand skills for executive assistant roles.