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The Hays Journal offers key insights into the hiring market and the world of recruitment, including insights from industry experts such as Deloitte’s, Gartner and O.C. Tanner

In this issue:

What’s in a modern leader?

Modern business challenges can require new approaches. Successful leaders across many different levels of seniority will need to evolve their skills in order to guide organisations into the future. But what does a modern leader look like and how can organisations develop them?

What is gamification and how does it work?

Through the use of game mechanics, gamification can tap into our innate sense of competition and desire to improve. And while many of us have adopted it in our personal lives, businesses often still struggle to use it effectively. But what benefits can gamification bring to an organisation, and how can companies engage their staff with it?

The ageing workforce

Many countries will soon be faced with an ageing workforce, but too many organisations view this as challenge. It’s time for businesses to see a growing proportion of older workers as an opportunity, not a burden.

Going green

The pressure for companies to go green is growing, from both consumers and employees. Furthermore, they need to show authenticity when evolving. But how can organisations take steps to improve their green credentials, and can it benefit their business?

Importance of recognition

Headline-grabbing perks have been a trend for many companies in recent years. However, some organisations are now exploring if offering improved recognition could be more beneficial for their people.

Productivity crisis

As productivity levels stagnate to below pre-financial crisis levels, is time running out for traditional measures, such as output? Will businesses need to focus on new areas to see improvements?

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Hays journal 18
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