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Hays Assessment & Development

Hays Assessment & Development supports your selection process by designing and delivering candidate assessment methods that align with your business needs.

We deliver practical assessment services, ranging from predesigned, standalone candidate assessment to more in-depth projects to support business by improving the effectiveness of selection activities independently, like competency framework design, bespoke exercises such as situational judgment tests, stakeholder engagement activities and role-specification and profiling.

Standalone candidate assessment

Our approach to candidate assessment is to deliver a programme that provides relevant and useful information that will inform selection panels’ considerations of candidate suitability for the target role.

We work with you to agree the decision making priorities, then design a programme to match these, focusing on maximising the information available about candidates' suitability for the role at each stage. Our aim is to support the panel in their efforts to make an informed and confident decision.

Supporting client self-sufficiency

Our core consultancy lines are designed to positively impact your current recruitment practices by adding value, saving time and saving money.

We focus on maximising your return on investment by delivery of a range of interventions that actively encourage HR and line managers to make high-quality selection decisions independently and with self-sufficiency.

We develop resources that are accessible and transparent, and facilitate your organisation's ability to deliver the assessment programmes as intended.

Our approach is practical: we focus on delivering added value to your business.

A dedicated consultant is assigned to your project and will stay on the assignment from the first design work through delivery to the feedback and review stages.

Our services are priced to be attractive in the marketplace and include:

Competency framework design:
Understand what success looks like in your business.

Assessment skills training: Invest in and rely on first class in-house selection.

Interview bank development: Linked to your competencies, designed to provide mangers with support of relevant pre de-defined questions that will support the effectiveness of their decisions making.

Assessment exercise bank development: Utilise a bank of organisationally specific assessment scenarios.

In-house situational judgement test development: Ensure new staff align with your behaviours and values.

Provision of specialist assessors: Complement your in-house skills to maximise the effectiveness of recruitment program