Marketing analyst jobs in Ireland

We’ll bring you some of the most desirable data analysis and insight roles from a network of over 800 marketing employers across Ireland and the UK.

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Marketing analyst jobs in Ireland

We’ll bring you some of the most desirable data analysis and insight roles from a network of over 800 marketing employers across Ireland and the UK.

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Our recruitment experience in marketing analyst and marketing insights jobs 

Marketing has morphed into an increasingly technology-led, data-informed profession over recent years. This has required people skilled in data analytics and insights to decode customer behaviours and optimise return on investment. With data-related roles becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing team, there are plenty of opportunities available.  

You can leverage our 20-plus years of marketing job expertise to not just find an analytical and insight role, but your ideal one. We work in partnership with a diversity of data analysis employers, sharing with you our deep understanding of the data skills in high demand, and the challenges and opportunities organisations require data experts to meet. With these unique insights, you can make more informed and focused career choices. 

No matter how quickly technology evolves, you can trust us to support a meaningful data analysis and insight career and remain your lifelong partner. 

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Marketing analysis and insights employers we work with

From emerging start-ups to multinational corporations, many of our linked employers are looking for skilled data analysts and insight specialists needed in modern marketing. 

We’re proud to work with a range of data-centric employers across financial services, retail and other industries – well over 800 from last year alone. With roles available across the country, you can trust us to find an opportunity near you and tailored for you. 



Salaries will differ depending on factors such as location and expertise, but data analysis and insight roles do tend to be competitively renumerated. 

A marketing analyst can typically earn €35,000-€55,000 per year, while web analysts could expect between €35,000-€52,000. On the more senior side, customer insight managers working in London could earn up to €110,000. 

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While there are no formal qualifications required for careers in data analysis and insights, having a relevant degree – such as in maths or statistics – could be persuasive for employers. There are also more targeted training courses for marketing roles, provided by bodies such as the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

For many employers, experience may be a higher priority than formal qualifications. For example, positions where you were able to demonstrate an understanding of metrics and analytics tools, or generate actionable insights to optimise marketing campaigns.  

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There are certainly senior vacancies for data analysis specialists. All marketing functions need somebody to organise and direct work processes – data analysis and insight roles are no exception. Some managerial roles in this field include head of insights and analytics, or customer insights manager.

There are also heads of research within some larger marketing departments. 

Data analysis refers to the process of evaluating and decoding data, extracting patterns from potentially huge sources. Insights, on the other hand, are the take-aways that can be gained from analysed data. This is actionable information that you can use to inform future processes and decision making.