Marketing communications jobs in Ireland

Benefit from our 20-plus years of in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring you make the most informed career choice possible.

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Marketing communications jobs in Ireland

Benefit from our 20-plus years of in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring you make the most informed career choice possible.

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Our recruitment experience in marketing communications jobs 

It’s safe to say that marketing professionals have taken centre stage in organisations, having a greater influence than ever before. Marketers have had to fully embrace digital transformation, adapting to a constantly shifting, virtual business landscape where customer touch points are diverse and complex.

They now must bridge the gap between data and the customer journey, using all the more technical tools at their disposal to drive growth and create true business value. On top of that, they still need a creative edge to craft engaging content. As a marketing communications expert, organisations of all sizes rely on your skills.  

With over 1,000 marketing professionals placed in roles last year alone across Ireland and the UK, you can trust us to find you your next opportunity in communications. Access our extensive employer network for a wealth of different marketing opportunities, from entry level to senior and C-suite.  

We’re plugged into the marketing and business world, and can offer you the insights and upskilling opportunities needed in this fast-moving industry. Whether you’re looking for marketing leadership advice or ways to progress your career, we’re here as your lifelong partner. 

With our unrivalled career support, you’ll gain specialist understanding of the latest marketing trends and developments, ensuring that you have the confidence to take on any role. You can always trust us to be working for your tomorrow. 

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Marketing communications employers we work with 

We work closely with a range of media-savvy organisations, from ambitious start-ups to acclaimed agencies, who require external and internal communications jobs at all levels. Whether it be content executives or marketing director jobs, you won’t be short on choice. 

Our expert consultants can offer you marketing roles across Ireland and the UK, meaning there’s a marketing communications opportunity within your reach. 

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Marketing salaries can vary considerably, but do tend to be competitive, particularly in Dublin. For example, a marketing executive working in the capital could expect to earn up to €48,000 a year, depending on experience. For a marketing manager, this figure could be closer to €80,000. 

For C-level marketing professionals working in Dublin, you can easily command a six-figure salary. For example, a marketing director could earn €90,000-€150,000 a year.

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Employers will want candidates to demonstrate the core soft skills required for most marketing roles. These include solid communication and interpersonal skills, a flair for creativity, and the productivity needed to meet tight turnarounds and concurrent projects. 

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As marketing becomes increasingly influenced by tech, it’s also beneficial to possess digital skills. Experience in martech - such as CRM tools, UX, UI, data analysis, web design, front-end web development and marketing automation - may no longer be just a competitive edge, but a necessity for many roles.

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications to get into marketing, but they can be beneficial in such a competitive industry. Holding a relevant undergraduate degree that demonstrates your communications skills – such as English or philosophy – can help you break into your first role. 

Alternatively, you may wish to study for a qualification from an accredited body, such as the Marketing Institute of Ireland, which offers both certificates and diplomas in marketing. 

However, proven experience is arguably more important than any form of qualification. Building a portfolio of work – whether it be paid or not – can be used to demonstrate your abilities and overall desire to succeed in a marketing communications role. 


Technology is one of the dominating marketing trends. Customer journeys are becoming increasingly bespoke and interactive to differentiate from the competition, requiring advanced digital methods. 

For example, the emergence of AI-driven marketing solutions has led to more sophisticated chatbots capable of heightened interactions, as well as improved natural language processing (NLP), able to create marketing copy that will attract a specific audience. 

Marketing trends inevitably come and go but being aware of them can give you an advantage over other candidates during interview stages and throughout your entire career.