Public relations and PR jobs in Ireland

No matter what stage your public relations (PR) career is at, we have a wide range of exciting roles ranging from junior to executive level.

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Public relations and PR jobs in Ireland

No matter what stage your public relations (PR) career is at, we have a wide range of exciting roles ranging from junior to executive level.

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Our recruitment experience in public relations jobs

While change may be the new norm, organisations will always require professionals who can uphold and safeguard their public image and maintain close relations with their audiences. However, PR roles can be elusive, and the competition high.  

We’ll network with leading employers and find you the best PR roles – those that make the most of your talents and expertise. Not only that, but we’ll offer you career advice and specialist insights to help your PR career prosper. It's all part of being your lifelong partner. 

When it comes to finding a new job, everyone has different priorities – for us, it’s about understanding your professional needs and your personal motivation so that we can tailor our approach to you. No matter your PR ambitions, you can trust us to work for your tomorrow. 

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Public relations employers we recruit for

As a PR professional, you won’t need to be told how important it is to form close, long-lasting connections. We offer a network of respected employers seeking marketers, with over 800 organisations partnering with us last year across Ireland and the UK to build out and restructure their marketing/communications departments. 

You’ll have the chance to champion the public persona of a wide range of organisations across the country, from rapidly growing fintechs to established organisations with a global audience. This includes those operating in places such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and elsewhere.



This will of course depend on your location, expertise and employer, but as an indication, a PR executive could expect to earn anywhere between €30,000-€45,000 a year. For a manager, this ceiling could extend to €55,000. 

For senior roles with PR responsibilities – such as a head of comms – a typical salary might be €75,000, with roles for larger organisations able to earn €80,000 or more. 

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There is no requirement to have a degree or qualification to work in PR. Instead, potential employers may be more interested in your trustworthiness as a communications professional. Building an online profile and portfolio of your work is therefore highly recommended. 

While a degree is not a necessity, having one may help fast-track your PR career. An undergraduate degree that demonstrates your ability to communicate – such as English, history or law – could be valuable. It’s also possible to study specifically for PR or marketing, either at a university or accredited body, such as the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. 

While digital proficiency is increasingly important in a rapidly changing communications landscape, employers still want candidates to demonstrate exemplary levels of written speech, with the ability to find a story’s critical angle. 

As PR provides the opportunity to explore many different sectors and niches, the willingness to learn about a product, service, culture or audience will not go unnoticed. 

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Different marketing roles may be given PR responsibilities, even if they are not expressly titled as a PR role. With that being said, dedicated titles include PR executive and PR manager. There also senior roles with PR duties, such as communications manager or head of comms.