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2020 - the year of the MSP

By Elisabetta Bayliss, Managing Director Hays Talent Solutions UK & Ireland


Uncertainty has become the new normal, and as we go into 2020, employers are treading cautiously. While many are implementing change programmes and expecting increased activity, there is also a sense of trepidation about the economy over the next few years.

Time waits for no-one

The needs of employers however, rarely wait for conditions to be perfect, and many need to add new skills into their teams to make their projects a success, particularly regarding the integration of new technologies into ‘business as usual’. The shortage of available talent has made this even more of a challenge, the answer to which is an upturn in the use of temporary, contract or interim workers.

But this solution is not without its challenges. Here are three reasons why outsourcing your temporary worker provision to a managed service provider (MSP) may be the best way to protect yourself and access key skills in 2020.

Three advantages to an MSP

1. Speed to market

Speed is key to recruiting temps, both to secure them before other employers and to make sure you always have access to key skills. In our Hays Salary & Recruiting Trends 2020 guide, the majority of employers said that they expected to face a shortage of suitable applicants. An MSP provider like Hays Talent Solutions already has a vast network of temporary, contract and interim workers on their books, and can ensure top quality temporary support as and when you need it.

2. Compliance

An MSP can help simplify and streamline your hiring by assuming responsibility for compliance checks required by your organisation. Our available pool of fully vetted candidates means we can confidently provide fully compliant staff as required.

3. Finding the right skills

Organisations are evolving, and so too are the skills required from workers. Not only will having an MSP make finding temporary, contract or interim staff faster and more efficient, it will also ensure you have a consistent pipeline of candidates with the skills you need to make your projects a success. Our network can make it much easier to help you find the technical skills for interim support and the soft skills required for the implementation of change.To find out more about what we mean about the change mindset and its importance to integrating digital transformation, check out our What Workers Want report.

If your organisation relies on temporary workers or is expecting to use high volumes of temps in the future, it’s worth investigating exactly what an MSP can do for you. Please visit our website, or check out our range of case studies from other organisations who have successfully integrated outsourced recruitment solutions into their workforce strategies.

About this author

With 30 years’ experience, Elisabetta’s recruitment expertise spans the UK and overseas, private and public sectors, contingency and contracted business. As the Managing Director for Hays Talent Solutions in the UK&I, she is responsible for ensuring clients retain a competitive advantage in talent management through our technology-enabled MSP, RPO, CMO, SOW and Direct Sourcing solutions.


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