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LinkedIn is like a huge networking event, except in this case you have the opportunity to connect with over 575 million members globally – you can take advantage of this audience to increase your professional profile and generate career opportunities. 

LinkedIn is an opportunity to join a professional network to increase your online presence and build your network.  Your profile ensures you appear in searches and is a chance for you to be noticed by recruiters and other hiring professionals. Don't miss the chance to show your expertise and experience.


Before you create your account, you need to think about what career path you would like to follow?  Knowing which industry or role you want to apply for will help you focus your job search efforts.   


The first thing you will notice about LinkedIn is the news feed. It is populated by posts from your connections. You should post articles that you think are relevant or interesting to yourself and your connections.

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and interests and to interact with connections by commenting on their posts.

How to post: There is a box on your landing page where you can post comments and click “Share”. If you put a URL in the box it will show the contents of that web page below the post. – delete the URL and the link/text below will remain.

Post Ideas

You should post current affairs that are of interest to you and also your industry’s news. You can also share other people’s posts, "like" another member’s posts or, for new joiners, even ask questions.

For example, if you read an industry news article that you have an opinion on, express it and ask others how they feel about it to encourage interaction. Always aim to drive interaction on your LinkedIn account.

Connections Rule

Now that you have created your account it is time to make the most of it. The most important aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to connect with people. Connect with as many people as you feel are relevant to you.

Think of a networking event, who would you swap business cards with? You will find, over time, that people you have never met or do not know will request that you connect with them.

Some individuals have a policy of just increasing their network regardless of whether they know the person. The quality of your connections on LinkedIn is more important than the quantity.

If you see someone you’d like to connect with, we’d recommend personalizing the message. If people like, share or reply to your post add them to your network. 

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Another feature of LinkedIn is Groups. This is where people from the same industry or sector come together to discuss relevant subjects. Groups provide an opportunity to show your expertise by posting comments, sharing advice, asking questions and networking with others.

Groups are tailored to interests and industries. Search for groups that support your industry e.g. Accountancy Dublin or Construction Ireland.


Unlike other social media, LinkedIn is built to help people find jobs, subsequently you can choose to follow any company you would be interested in working for. This can be particularly useful if you are called for interview.

Company pages contain general information, business overviews, lists of employees and some choose to list jobs. Look for people working for the company, search for a similar job title and review their profile along with what their key responsibilities are. This gives you an idea of what you should be aspiring to should you wish to work for this company in the future.


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