1. You will receive an e-mail advising that you have timesheets pending approval.
  2. Go to and login with the details provided by your Hays Consultant during set-up.
  3. Click on “review pending timesheets
  4. Click on “approve” if the hours are correct. If the hours are incorrect, click on “Reject” where you may add comments to explain the error to the temporary worker if you wish.

See below for detailed guidelines on approving timesheets

Full Guide - Web Based Time Management System

Process to Aprove Timesheets


Your on-line log in will be provided by your Hays consultant during the set-up process for Hays WBTMS.

To log in, go to


You first job is to change your password.

Go to “preferences” and follow the prompt to change your password.

Go to “set-up notifications and alternates

Choose alternative email addresses to which to send notifications (of timesheets pending approval).

Select times for reminders to be sent to the email address/es you have given.

and Alternative approvers:

  • Contact your Hays consultant with the details (name and email address) of your alternative approver (Hays need to set up the approver in the back office)
  • Wait for Hays to confirm set up complete.
  • Log in to Hays Pay On-Line
  • Go to “notifications and alternates”
  • Enter the alternative approvers details and save to exit.

Approving/Rejecting timesheets

You will receive an email advising that you have timesheets pending for approval.

Log in and go to “review pending timesheets”. You can approve any/all timesheets from this summary page.

Alternatively, if you wish to view the timesheet in detail, click the “User ID” field and follow instructions to view full details of time entered.


Once you have approved the timesheet, the timesheet will be sent to Hays payroll for payment and invoicing. The temporary worker will be notified by email that their timesheet has been approved.

NB: if you fail to approve the timesheet before the timesheet deadline, 12pm Tuesday, the temporary worker will not be paid until the following week. You will be able to review approved timesheets using the “Search for timesheets” function.

Rejecting timesheets

Follow the same process for Approval. You may reject all or any timesheets pending. You may add comments. Temporary workers will receive notification of rejected timesheets and will be able to re-submit for approval. You will be able to review rejected timesheets using the “Search for timesheets” function.


Download Hays Online Timesheet User Guide forApproving Timesheets

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