Contracting in Ireland

Fro both Irish and non Irish citizens, working in a contract job requires you to take ownership of certain elements. Please take the time to read the following and familiarise yourself on how each of them are carried out. 

1. Getting paid

2. Paid leave

3. Sickness

4. Compliance


1. Getting paid

Example of payment schedule 

Start date

Monday 1st February


Monday 1st - Friday 5th February

Submit timesheet

Friday 5th February

Timesheet approved before 12pm

Tuesday 9th February

Pay day

Friday 12th February 


  • Pay is processed weekly, one week in arrears. Pay day is every Friday.
  • You must submit your timesheet on the online portal and get it approved by your manager – if your manager is not available or on leave, your manager must make arrangements with another approver prior to the deadline.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your weekly timesheets are approved before 12pm every Tuesday for the previous week’s work.
  • We recommend you submit timesheets every Friday afternoon – it’s a good idea to put a reminder in your diary! Then, follow up with your manager on Monday to ensure the time sheet is approved before the deadline. If for whatever reason, your timesheet is not approved on time, you will not get paid that week. 

2. Paid leave

  • You are entitled to paid holidays as a temp worker however you must accrue your holiday before you are able to take them. If you have not accrued enough holidays, you can still take them but you will not get paid for these days until you have accrued them.
  • To book holidays, please get approval from your manager first. Then contact your Hays representative via email to confirm dates and complete an annual leave form.
  • Failure to notify Hays about holidays booked will result in you being unpaid for your leave.
  • You are entitled to payment for bank holidays (if any occur during your assignment) provided you have worked 40hours within the last five weeks, prior to the bank holiday.
  • If you want to check your holiday entitlement, please contact your Hays representative and we will let you know by Friday of that week. We are only able to provide current leave balances, not future balances.
  • Holidays that haven’t been used during the assignment will be paid upon the termination of your assignment with your last pay.
  • All holiday hours accrued from January of a calendar year must be used by December of that calendar year.

3. Sickness

  • Sick leave is unpaid - if you wish you may use your annual leave provided it has been accrued.
  • If you are sick and unfit to work, you need to notify both your Hays representative and your manager by 8.30am. Please note that sending an e-mail or a text message is not acceptable – you need to call. 


4. Compliance

If you are a non-EEA national residing in Ireland for a period of more than three months, you must register with the local immigration registration office. An immigration certificate of registration (GNIB Registration Card) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau.
Please visit this website for more information: