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The question you should ask to determine whether this job is right for you

By Maureen Lynch,  Director of Hays Ireland


Being asked questions during a job interview is perfectly normal. After all, the interviewer needs to ask questions to assess whether you’re a good fit for the role. But in truth, you should also be asking questions just like the interviewer.

To help determine whether this role is a good fit for you, you should come prepared with some questions based on your employer research. By asking the right questions, the interviewer will see you as a strong candidate who is suited for the job. However, in not doing so the interviewer may think you’re uninterested and just want to end the interview as soon as possible.

The one question you should ask in your next interview

We have already provided a lot of information on how to answer questions during your interview. However, there’s one interview question you should ask to help you stand out to the interviewer, whilst making it so much easier for them to visualise you in the role.

That one question is: “What does success look like in this job?”. Not only does it highlight your interest in the role, but also your mindset to succeed and achieve positive results.

It’s important to ask your potential employer how they would define ‘success’ in the role you’re applying for. If you can’t picture success, how can you guarantee that you will have the opportunity to excel – from the perspective of both you and your employer? Are there tangible goals for you to achieve, determined by key performance indicators (KPIs)? How will such KPIs be measured?

Ultimately, asking this question allows the interviewer to visualise you adding value to their organisation, and that you are the right person for the role.

How your interviewer answers this question could be invaluable whether this job is right for you

Was their answer ambiguous? For instance, did they say they want to strive for team success instead of referring to precise and measurable goals? This type of answer could suggest that the organisation hasn’t fully thought through the objectives of the role. This can be a common problem when the role is new.

It’s not always bad being vague. Even if the organisation isn’t very decisive in how they view success within this role, this might open the opportunity for you to mould the role around yourself. As the role may not have had previous parameters and expectations.

But what if you want to have clearer expectations from your potential employer? If this is the case, make sure the interviewer gives relevant examples of how you can succeed. As this will give you a clearer indication of how you can work towards certain team goals and objectives, as well as how you can progress personally.

Words can say a lot about a person’s current mindset. If your potential boss says that your role has a big impact on multiple parts of the business. This infers that they have a strategic mindset and sees how your role effects the wider business. This could be hugely rewarding for you, as your potential boss views your role as highly important and influential within your boss’s success.

This question allows for the opportunity of more

This question forces the interviewer to get specific about multiple elements of the job that may not have been shared. Such as employee benefits, the company culture and career progression opportunities. Additionally, you can also use it as an opportunity to ask the interviewer any other questions you may have.

However, it’s important not to ask too many questions. As you may be expected to know some answers as part of your preparation. Therefore, you should only ask questions which will position you positively, such as “What does success look like in this job?”. It’s a short and open question but can reveal so much more.

About this author

With over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Maureen believes a strong relationship is at the heart of recruitment. This approach allows her to create innovative recruitment solutions reflecting her clients’ desire to grow their teams, while also working closely with individuals looking to take the next step in their careers. Maureen began her Hays career in our Senior Finance division and is now the Director of Operations for our offices in Cork, Limerick and Galway, managing our finance, construction & property, financial services, operations & administration support and IT functions. Maureen also takes the lead for Hays Ireland Diversity & Inclusion initiatives creating and implementing diverse recruitment strategies that effectively support the representation of more diverse staff profiles both within Hays Ireland and in the organisations with whom we work.


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