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By focusing on girls, Teen-Turn aims to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options, and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls identify with technology career environments through summer work placement.

Learning in the presence of female role models has been shown to impact girls’ self-image and confidence–encouraging them to see themselves in new ways and stimulate new interests

Teen-Turn provides a unique opportunity for education and industry organizations to work together to inspire and engage.

Why get involved?

While corporate social responsibility is now more of a priority for organizations, competitive advantage need not be divorced from engagement plans if the strategy includes a social value proposition that provides a return on the investment.

By taking part in Teen-Turn companies will be changing how girls identify with technology career environments through a summer placement. 

Companies offering Teen-Turnships contribute to a programme that will generate future hires who are skilled and representative of the population as a whole by influencing third level qualification choices by women.

Teen-Turnships are ethical, commercial and tactical in that they aim to contribute to a talent pool from which companies can hire. While evaluating outreach with respect to commercial opportunity may seem to challenge ethical ideology, workplace diversity is not only compelling from a corporate social responsibility standpoint, there is also a pressing case for the resultant productivity and adaptability.

Investment in workplace diversity is good economic sense and socially responsible, with variety of skills, creativity in multiple viewpoints, and breadth of service proven advantages. 

The value of influence

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