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Temporary Recruitment

There are a great many advantages to hiring temporary workers.

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At certain times, such as in the case of unexpected absences, busy periods, or skills shortages for specific projects, a temporary or fixed-term professional may be exactly what your organisation needs to stay on track and get ahead.

Every day, we place 500 people into temporary assignments to help organisations across the UK deliver the results they need to be successful.

Here are the advantages of hiring temporary workers:

  • They can have an instant impact on the organisation
  • They can often be recruited quicker
  • They allow you to pinpoint particular skills for a project
  • They offer considerable flexibility, allowing you to respond to market changes or the specific needs of your organisation.

When you recruit temporary workers through Hays you can benefit from unparalleled support.

We can also help manage pay and timesheets and offer industry-specific assistance, such as informing you of new legislation and how it might impact your organisation.