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Hays Ireland Salary & Recruiting Trends 2019

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Request your copy of the guide to discover business outlook on future opportunities, employee movement plans, and how to tailor your salary offering and talent attraction strategy for the year ahead.

This year’s guide is based on survey findings from almost 2,500 respondents and includes salary data split by profession and Irish region.

Key findings include:

  • Irish employers have a positive business outlook, with 95% expecting business activity to increase or stay the same in the year ahead.
  • Recruitment plans are still a priority, with 82% of employers saying they expect to hire staff in the next 12 months.
  • Challenges finding the right candidates persist, as 97% of employers say they have experienced skills shortages within the past year.
  • Skills shortages are threatening both projects and productivity.
  • Salaries have risen to address skills gaps, but this is not enough to retain staff.
  • Employers continue to underestimate the appeal of offering a positive work-life balance to prospective employees, and the value this can have as a tactic in competing for talent. Only 13% of employers think work‑life balance is important to attract staff, while 32% of professionals prioritise this when considering a new role.


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