Preparing to recruit

Preparing to recruit

Who are you looking to recruit?

Our 4 key steps and Talent Guide will help you identify your perfect match.

1. Permanent or Temporary?

All businesses will experience occasions when there may be unexpected absences, busy periods, or a shortage of the right skills for specific projects; this is where a temporary or fixed-term professional may be enough to help your company thrive. In more senior roles, businesses may need interim managers who can assist the business in going forward before handing things back to the permanent team.

2. Define the requirements of the role

At the outset, you will need to identify the key requirements your business needs by determining three necessary skills you must see in the candidates’ resume. Our expert consultants can help you with this stage if you're ready to write the advert.

3. Write a job specification

Having agreed what you need from your new member of staff, you then need to incorporate this into a specification. Your recruiter will work alongside you to prepare this, offering a unique insight into the candidate market, to ensure you recruit a candidate who is the best fit for your organisation.

4. Outline your corporate culture

Make sure you have a clear picture of the work environment so that you choose candidates that will best complement your business and integrate well into existing teams.

Download our Talent Guide for more detailed guidance on finding your ideal employee.

Download the Hays Talent Guide

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