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Performance reviews are an essential tool in retaining your business’ best talent, particularly in a competitive market. There is also a popular misconception that employees do not like having a performance review, when in reality many actually look forward to it as a means of both addressing issues and contributing ideas.

If you go into a performance review fully prepared and positive, you can use it as a means of increasing motivation and also learn more about the culture within your team. It also gives you the opportunity to address any issues one-to-one.


  • It is essential to prepare in advance: You need to gain insight into the outlook of your employee to ensure the best use of your time. You should also look back at previous reviews to see if there have been any outstanding issues.
  • Try not to reschedule: It is important to the employee that they feel that they are of value to you and the business. Always try to schedule first thing in the morning so that the employee is not competing with the needs of the business and allow an hour for each review.
  • Have the right mindset: As well as dealing with the positives, it may be that you will need to inform your employee that they may be falling behind in certain aspects of the job. Listen and be prepared to deal with any potential confrontation with empathy, but ensure you deal with any issues head-on.
  • Create clear targets: It may be after the review you need to help your staff put together a career map with clear goals and targets which identifies both training and possible career progression.


One of the quickest ways to lose valuable staff is to not listen or act on any concerns, as they can end up feeling devalued. You need to ensure that action points are exactly that and are seen to happen. Of course, there may be occasions where you have to speak to other team members but again that needs to be communicated to your employee so they feel that their opinions are valued.

Should you wish to discuss any of these aspects of recruitment with one of our experts, please find your nearest office or download our Developing Loyalty Guide for more advice.

Developing Loyalty Guide

developing loyalty

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