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It is important to be prepared when conducting a pay review. A pay review that is well executed and delivered can have a dramatic impact on the success of any team.

Before embarking on any pay review you need to prepare yourself to have a structured and constructive discussion. Once you have agreed to a date with your employee, to get the most out of any pay review, ask your employee to come prepared with specific evidence and examples.

During any pay review you will need to analyse the employee’s progress since the last review.

Create a clear pay review agenda

  • Have they increased productivity, added value or contributed to the company’s bottom line?
  • Are they responsive to urgent tasks and how able are they to deal with these amongst existing work priorities?
  • Have they taken on extra responsibility either for tasks or staff?
  • Their willingness to complete or contribute to a task, even if it means working beyond set working hours or outside their actual job description to contribute to a team?

Keeping a pay review constructive and positive will give a better outcome to both employer and employee alike.

Pay review follow up

Make sure you agree a programme of follow up to any pay review. If possible arrange a follow-up meeting as you may need to discuss with other colleagues or your consultant about the final decision, but ensuring you arrange a timely follow-up will make your employee feel that they are valued and being listened to.

If you would like to discuss any of these aspects of recruitment with one of our experts, just find your nearest office or download our Developing Loyalty Guide for more advice.

Developing Loyalty Guide

developing loyalty

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