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Life Sciences



Hays Life Sciences is a market leader in filling jobs across the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Some of the positions we recruit for include regulatory affairs roles, quality assurance positions and R&D engineering jobs.  

With over 10 years of experience in recruiting directly for the life science industry, we count many of the top 20 global life science organisations as clients. If you would like to get advice on medical device or pharmaceutical jobs in Galway and across Ireland, please call one of our Life Science recruiting experts in our Galway Office.

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Is this the end of the science geek?

The life sciences industry is changing and the role of the scientist is evolving. A broader range of both skills and expertise are required to meet the new challenges that the sector presents. As such, scientific experts in silos are no longer meeting the needs of the industry.

The evolving role of the scientist

Hays life science

As we begin 2015, the Life Sciences division at Hays Ireland has already seen a significant increase in the number of jobs registered as the demand for skilled personnel continues to grow, inevitably leading to increased competition for the best candidates.

An industry insight for the year ahead

The case of the vanishing women

This article is a stark reminder that in 2014 gender diversity is still a hot topic in science and the industry is not a level playing field. Female science undergraduates outnumber males. So where do all these female science graduates disappear to? And why are we losing these brilliant science minds?

Why women are abandoning science

The female of the species

It’s a sign of how far women have come in science when the latest collection of iconic Lego Mini-figures features a female scientist. So in 2014, are there as many advantages as disadvantages to being a woman working in what many perceive to be a male-dominated industry?

Females in STEM.

It's not just women that need to "Lean in"

Gender diversity is an issue across all industries, not just confined to STEM. However, women working in STEM are more under-represented at senior levels than in any other business sector.

How can we encourage women to remain in science?

Journal 16