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Getting your hiring strategy right is key for any organisation, but it is especially critical at a start-up, where every new employee may need to be a one-person team or help establish the culture that will help you grow and succeed. We want to find out how recruitment challenges are being addressed by your start-up or scale-up.

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Take our survey and enter for a chance to win an exclusive recruitment consulting package for start-ups and the opportunity for your organisation to feature in our report, which will enable you to extend your runway. The package includes:

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Your views will be vital to shaping the Hays Tech Start-Up Report 2019, to be published later in the year. Our report will provide valuable insight into how start-ups, at various phases of maturity, need to evolve their recruitment processes and talent management strategy.

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Empact Ventures are global super connectors who co-design unique tech startup initiatives, scout for world class innovation for larger organisations and funders, while supporting startups / scale-ups to grow by opening the right doors at the right time as their super connector.


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Digital Technology video

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