Hays Tech Start-Up Report

What's challenging finance leaders

Hays Tech Start-Up Report is based on a survey of tech start-ups and scale-up founders and employees from across the UK and Ireland and is produced in conjunction with Empact Ventures. The report analyses:

  • The most common development, growth and sustainability challenges tech start-up and scale-up founders will face as they scale
  • What combination of technical and soft skills they should hire over the next 12 months
  • How founders and senior management can ensure they are hiring the right ‘fit’
  • How they can ensure they secure the best talent, even when competing against more established corporates

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Empact Ventures

Empact Ventures are global super connectors who co-design unique tech startup initiatives, scout for world class innovation for larger organisations and funders, while supporting startups / scale-ups to grow by opening the right doors at the right time as their super connector.


Digital Technology video

Digital Technology video

Discover how Hays can help you navigate the challenges of finding the best new talent in Digital Technology.


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