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Now that your professional accountancy exams are behind you, the chances are you’ll be looking to capitalise on your newly qualified status and think about the next steps in your career path.

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Our series of articles below will help you make sense of your professional options by arming you with the latest industry insights. 

Newly qualified accountants, welcome to a world of permanent and contract opportunities

Whether you want to travel, specialise or work in a multinational, there is a permanent or contract opportunity to match your personal circumstances.

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Opportunities for newly qualified accountants

Your new qualifications give you greater control over the direction you want your career to take, find out where you could go.

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Your accountancy journey: SME vs corporate

As a newly qualified accountant, your skills are in high demand across all industries, in both public and private sectors. Before making any decisions, it is very important to consider what type of organisation you want to work for.

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