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Guidelines for Temp & Contract Workers

Specialism-Financial-Services-160px-x-160px_1Due to the nature and urgency of most temporary assignments, it is of paramount importance to our clients that our temporary staff are committed and reliable. Absenteeism from temporary assignments can cause problems and can jeopardise the continuation of an assignment.

If you are unable to go to your assignment due to illness or emergency, it is imperative that you inform your Hays consultant on the first day of absence - and before your usual start time. We will need to know the reason for your absence, and when you expect to be able to return.

Honouring assignment terms

To ensure satisfactory finishing references, we do expect that rates of pay and length of assignment be honoured as agreed prior to commencing the assignment.

Working hours

A minimum of 35 working hours per week must be completed unless previously agreed by the client with your consultant.

Contract for services

Once you begin work, you will be under a 'contract for services' for your Hays division. As such, you are required to inform your consultant prior to 9am daily if you are unable to attend work that day, and your consultant will inform the client on your behalf.

You are also required to give one week's notice for terminating an assignment for whatever reason, and two weeks' notice for any holiday requests.

Professional presentation

As a Hays temporary worker you are to be suitably presented for work, and to conduct yourself in a professional manner. This includes punctuality and keeping interviews, personal calls, and appointments to a minimum during working hours.

Personal communications

Under no circumstances are personal email or internet activities to be carried out on site during your assignment, unless otherwise instructed as part of your duties. Mobile phones must be switched off during office hours.

Rates of pay

Rates of pay may only be discussed with your Hays consultant. Failure to do this may result in termination of employment. Any queries relating to your rate should be directed to your consultant - if possible after 4pm and before 10am.

Rules and regulations

Please respect any rules and regulations of the organisation in which you are working, including maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Getting paid

Only correctly completed and signed timesheets will be paid via BACS system (cheques can be raised on request but cannot be made out to cash).

Timesheets MUST reach the payroll department by Tuesday lunchtime to prevent unnecessary delays in payment. Anything sent to Accounts in Baggot Street must be clearly marked 'temp payroll'.

Any overtime payments are at the discretion of the client concerned. If you are expecting to complete additional hours you must inform your consultant in advance, to confirm overtime pay arrangements, otherwise basic rate will be paid.


Should you have any problems or concerns of whatever nature during your assignment, please allow us to help you by promptly contacting your Hays consultant. We want you to find temping through Hays Services an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

NB: Please ask your consultant for the Temporary Terms of Business.

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