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People automatically look to their leaders in times of crisis, and the last few months have certainly delivered some of the greatest challenges those leaders have ever faced. However, once the immediate tests posed by the pandemic have subsided, leaders will need to be equipped to succeed in a significantly transformed world of work – one in which remote, hybrid and flexible working practices...

Dr Megan Jones Bell, Headspace’s Chief Strategy & Science Officer, discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic could give organisations the chance to make a step change in caring for their employees’ wellbeing. Sometimes it takes experiencing a personal challenge to find our path, and this was certainly the case for Dr Megan Jones Bell, Chief Strategy & Science Officer at Headspace. ...

For Generation Z, those who are beginning their career journeys are facing difficult challenges as they try to navigate the current uncertain climate. As a result, approximately one in four ‘Gen Z’ employees have sought support with their mental health since the pandemic began. So today, in support of World Mental Health Day, we are joined by Leadership Coach Simi Rayat,...

This year’s World Mental Health Day feels different. For most business leaders, supporting positive mental health practices – both personally and amongst our employees – is a priority every year. But, this year has taken its importance to a whole new level. Mental health has fallen under the spotlight with increasing regularity throughout the course of this year, and with good reason. The...

Working practices across Ireland have seen revolutionary change this year in light of the Covid pandemic. ‘Business as usual’ took a back seat as organisations handled the immediate impacts of the pandemic and huge numbers of professionals switched to working remotely almost overnight. It’s only now, however, that we are able to look back and actually gauge the effect these events have had...

The life sciences industry is growing, and it’s not just because of the pandemic. As I explained in my last blog, we are still trying to conquer diseases for patients with unmet medical needs like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Crohn’s disease and rheumatology that affect millions of people every day. Cancer, Haematology and Neurology dominate in the arena of new treatments being made...

With report of mental health issues on the rise a result of the pandemic, it’s important to remember to prioritise your mental health as the world around continues to change, often with little warning. Of course, for those suffering, there are some fantastic resources out there, reminding us of the things we can do to help ourselves keep mentally healthy during these difficult times (and...

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree back in 1982, almost 40 years ago. Similar to the Class of 2020, I also graduated into a world of global economic volatility and recession. At the time, it was considered to be the worst economic climate since the Second World War. However, what today’s young graduates are facing is undoubtedly far more challenging on so many levels and from so...

Cybersecurity breaches have recently made global headlines, many of which have been attributed to a rapidly expanded online world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, there is a heightened push not only to prevent such attacks from happening, but to develop IT and security infrastructure that can deal with these differing and increased online demands. Therefore, there has never...

Whilst consumer preferences for online channels were unquestionably present prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unexpected global events of 2020 accelerated this trend on an unprecedented scale. Many businesses reacted to the crisis by fast-tracking their digital transformation initiatives, and there was a sharp increase in the number of businesses switching their primary focus to online...


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