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COVID-19 has driven demand for digital and technology talent globally in 2020. Here’s how businesses can stand out in a competitive market. Demand for technology talent has evolved rapidly since the start of the pandemic. At first, there was a hugely increased demand for candidates that could enable remote working – people with cloud-based skills that could deploy systems like AWS and...

  The make-up of the workplace is changing as many organisations take on more contractors and temporary staff. But as demand for non-permanent employees increases, how can businesses attract these workers when they need them? The increase in demand for contract workers has been one of the most prominent developments in the workplace in recent years. A 2019 Oxford Economics and...

  Disruption is second nature to IT teams. Even before COVID-19 hit, dealing with unforeseen change and innovating in response to it was part of their day-to-day – it was their bread and butter. After all, it’s change and disruption that often fuels the need for technological solutions. But the pandemic has brought a whole new meaning and momentum to the word ‘disruption’, even in the...

If you’re looking for a new job, the opportunity to learn new skills, and discover content and connections that can support your career, then LinkedIn is the place for you. With 700+ million people on LinkedIn globally, including recruiters and prospective employers, and millions of jobs available, it gives you the best opportunity to find your dream role. In this blog, you can find top tips...

Figures show that a large percentage of adults with brain differences are being left out of the world of work. In this article, we’ve explored why you should be doing more to hire neurodiverse employees in your organisation, as well as how you can improve their representation. Diversity and inclusion have been major areas of focus for many organisations in recent years, and for good reason....

Organisations are increasingly monitoring their employees. While many workers may have considered this an invasion of their privacy in the past, new research indicates this perception is changing to a more positive one. But how can businesses get it right? From their keystrokes and browsing history to their brainwaves and emotions, organisations are gathering more data on employees than...

Of course, the pandemic took us all – governments, organisations and individuals – by surprise. However, many of us have now moved from the ‘crisis’ phase of dealing with the pandemic, into a more considered ‘new normal’. As we navigate the bumpy path ahead, it is worth remembering that some of the long term, negative effects of the pandemic may not be unprecedented, and can be...

If you’re currently in fulltime employment, the change and uncertainty that has come hand-in-hand with the COVID-19 pandemic may have understandably left you with a feeling that you need to somehow prove yourself, or, position your role as ‘indispensable’. After all, this is a highly pressurised time and will inevitably lead many to worry about the future. Failing to manage this situation in...

Given the current climate, there has been an increased focus on the importance of looking after our mental health, not only for the obvious benefit of our wellbeing in our personal lives, but also to support career satisfaction and development, both now and in the future. So in this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Megan Jones Bell, Chief Strategy and Science Officer at mindfulness and...

Many of my clients are busy, high-performing professionals, working in high responsibility roles. So, I’m often asked about how best to interact and deal with perfectionist managers. Here’s a selection of the common questions and concerns I tend to receive, and my tried and tested advice on this topic: “The pressure of trying to get EVERYTHING perfect stresses me out, to a point where I’m...


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