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Take one: You’re kicking off a new strategic project, so you call a meeting with your team. During the meeting, you’re asked a question that challenges your thinking. You’re caught off guard. More “why?” and “what if?” questions are fired your way. You gloss over it. You interject. Things are not headed exactly where you wanted them. You move on to the next item on the agenda. There is a...

After the ups and downs of this year, we all deserve a well-earned break over Christmas. It’s important to take this time to relax, recharge and refresh for the upcoming year. However, the festive period is also a good time to evaluate your professional life and set a new direction for the year ahead. If a new job is on the horizon for you, then you need to take a proactive approach to job...

Although there has been immense upheaval across the world of work this year, tech is one of the sectors that fortunately has remained resilient. As a result of COVID-19, organisations have had to reprioritise their technology objectives and strategies, leading to a surge in demand for certain roles in the tech space. Effects of the pandemic Digital transformation was sweeping across the...

The end of calendar year is quickly approaching, which for many organisations is a time to come together, celebrate achievements and see the year out in style. With ongoing Covid restrictions making most in-person gatherings unfeasible, employers will have to be a bit more creative with their approach to celebrations. The festive season provides an important opportunity for employers to...

Redundancy has swept across our world of work throughout this year. Drastic budget cuts have been the painful reality for many organisations as a result of the pandemic, leaving those on the receiving end in need of work and potentially unsure about their careers. For the many in this position, it may feel as though the future of your career is uncertain. Addressing your redundancy on your...

The life sciences industry has, unsurprisingly, grown exponentially during 2020 because of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the sector. The demand for IT skills has also increased within life sciences to support the industry to keep innovating, tracking and pursuing a vaccine to COVID-19, as well as other diseases and conditions. These IT skills have been crucial in the development of the...

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the B2B marketing industry. According to research, 69% of B2B marketing functions have changed their marketing approach by returning to basics such as communication, value add, relevancy and empathy. So today, we’re joined by Stacey Danheiser and Dr. Simon Kelly, Principals of Shake Marketing Group, and co- authors of the...

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially impacted the B2B marketing industry. According to research, 78% of marketers believe that communicating value is an essential priority this year, making it absolutely crucial for leaders to innovate and come up with new approaches, in order to guide their businesses and employees through this difficult time and beyond. So today, we’re joined...

Recorded: Thursday 22nd October 2020 Due to the pandemic, professionals across the world have had to adapt quickly to a new way of working, including working remotely or as part of a hybrid team. As a result, it can be difficult to maintain visibility, leaving many unsure about how they can really shine and progress in this new world of work. So in this podcast, we’re joined by...

Feeling like you are ‘stuck’ or in a rut at work can be extremely frustrating, particularly in today’s challenging labour market. Perhaps you were on track for a promotion before the onset of the crisis, only for it to be delayed? Is your learning and development stalling as a consequence of ‘firefighting’ in the here and now? Or do you simply feel stuck in your job, but cautious about...


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