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When I first enrolled onto my engineering degree back in the 1980s, it really felt as though my university education would provide the basis upon which my entire career would be based, with some degree of training “top-up” required from time to time as science developed, in a somewhat pedestrian way. How wrong was that assumption! The speed, scale, and scope of the disruption we’re...

Currently, it’s hard to predict which of our existing jobs will change, which ones will become obsolete and which jobs will be created. It’s safe to say that the majority of jobs people work in today are those which have developed and changed over the last decade. Rapid changes in technology, the increase in globalisation and international mobility along with the ever-changing patterns...

Think back to your last interview and ask yourself, were you eager to make it clear to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job? Did you spend time thinking of ways to portray this message without coming across too as eager for the job? If the answer is ‘Yes’ you’re taking the right approach and I encourage you to continue this interview prep because it is a critical...

Is accepting a job offer even though it pays less a good idea? Do I like their company culture? Is the right industry for me? Will this new role enable me to develop new skills? These are questions you’ll come across during your job search ones which are difficult to answer yourself. I strongly recommend turning to those you trust for help when searching for a new job. Remember to choose...

What is the purpose of a mentor and why do you need one? A mentor is your confidential advisor, who can objectively help you overcome professional hurdles in order for you to achieve your goals. In order to find your mentor, you need a vision of where you want to be in your career, the drive to get there and the confidence to seek mentoring from someone you deem to be inspirational and...

During an interview stage, the interviewer does an excellent job at selling their company culture, one that you would ideally enjoy working in during your career. Shortly after the interview you are offered the role and make an impulse decision to accept it. However, after working there for a few months you begin to notice the culture that was sold to you in the interview...

Following the economic recession, many employers in Ireland cut back on staff training. As the fog clears and our economy returns to growth, we can now clearly see the net impact of years of under-investment in training – a shortage of skilled workers available to capitalise on today’s opportunities. Failure to invest in learning has long-lasting consequences, and many sectors are now...

More often than not, a well accomplished and prosperous person will tell you, having a positive long term relationship with your recruiter will enhance your career. Your recruiter’s main responsibility is to support you in your job search through spotting suitable roles, seeking out companies they think you’d be a good fit for, interview preparation and providing you with expert advice...

After an interview, when talking to your recruiter, friends and family two of the first questions you’ll be asked is “so, how did it go?” followed by “if offered the role, would you take it?” It’s important to remember that you’ll probably be feeling drained, with a bunch of thoughts and questions going through your mind. It’s best to refrain from making fast decisions, go for a walk in...

It’s very normal for you to form an “interview persona”, essentially a different version of yourself which your close friends and colleagues wouldn’t recognise. This interview version of you can occur through trying to hide your bubbly and chatty personality. More often than not, you do this in order to fit in with the interviewer’s personality and the perceived company culture and while...


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