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The construction and property sector in Ireland has experienced considerable growth over the last year, with the country’s top firms recording an increase in turnover of 12%, according to our latest Hays Ireland Salary & Recruiting Trends 2019 report . Firms like John Sisk & Son, Mercury Engineering and BAM are leading the way, with turnovers well into the hundreds of...

Being a manager is not easy. You are constantly looking after the needs of your organisation and your team. Aligning your team goals with your company’s goals and executing these plans successfully is not easy… but are you neglecting one thing? Multiple studies have shown that middle managers are among the least happy group in any organisation. Their most common feedback is that they...

Every job has its ups and downs, moments where you are getting everything right and then there is always a period where nothing goes the way you had imagined. In those tough times, what can you do to get yourself back up and running? The answer is GROW. What is “GROW”? GROW is an acronym and a very well-known coaching technique created in the 80s by business coaches Graham...

If you are determined to enhance your professional standing, network with the best in your industry and spot opportunities, then you need to be on LinkedIn. If you’re too busy to actively engage with opportunities, LinkedIn can bring them to you through your CV. But remember, it’s very easy to get it wrong and do more damage than good. Follow the below suggestions and you will reap the...

  Flexible working, better benefits and career progression With unemployment in Ireland at its lowest level since 2008, and stiff competition for accountancy and finance professionals from SMEs and multinationals alike, accountancy and finance candidates are firmly in the driving seat when it comes to their own careers. From payroll professionals to senior finance...

Jody Kohner is Senior Vice President of Employee Marketing & Engagement at customer relationship management software business Salesforce. Speaking in the latest Hays Journal, she discusses how the company combines values and metrics to create a unique and award-winning culture. Step 1: Recognise the passion of your people Have you ever got ready to complete a task, only to find...

You’re six months into your new job and your performance review is on the horizon. It’s a chance for you to reflect and an opportunity to look forward. You’ve worked hard, but now you’re nervous – how can you ensure this meeting steers your career in the right direction? Anticipate your assessment Every company is different, so however your employer runs their performance reviews,...

The opportunity to make more money is enticing for anyone, and when the role is very similar to the one you’re already doing then you may feel that you have nothing to lose. However, there are other factors than need to be considered when making a career move. If you ignore them, you might miss out on something worth more than just money. Where will this move take your career? Take...

Blockchain technology has already had a huge impact on the world of finance. But it might not be long before its influence is felt in HR as well. In the latest Hays Journal, we explored how it could change the way we work. What is blockchain? Even the most ardent technophobe would be hard-pressed not to have heard of Bitcoin, given the amount of coverage the cryptocurrency has...

Increasingly, organisations are turning to younger members of the workforce to mentor their older and more senior colleagues. Implementing these schemes, however, can be a challenge, particularly in some geographies. How can businesses make this relationship work? In the last decade or so, the traditional image of the mentor has been radically turned on its head. In the corporate...


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