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  Amidst the turmoil around Brexit and an uncertain economic backdrop, looking to the longer-term future can be a struggle. However, from my experience it’s important not to become too distracted by the wider issues that you can’t change and instead look at the things you can. Your hiring strategy is one such element. The findings...

  Uncertainty has become the new normal, and as we go into 2020, employers are treading cautiously. While many are implementing change programmes and expecting increased activity, there is also a sense of trepidation about the economy over the next few years. Time waits for no-one The needs of employers however, rarely wait for...

  Having an engaging and up to date LinkedIn profile can help you get the attention of recruiters – whether you are actively or passively looking for a new role. So, does that mean you should focus less on your CV? The short answer is no. Your CV and LinkedIn profile serve two different purposes during the application process. ...

  In many organisations, middle managers will often find the value they bring being scrutinised by both senior and junior staff. But with the right resources and training, are they actually the biggest asset available to businesses? We find out in the latest Hays Journal. For many years, the roles of middle managers have...

  Do you currently have feelings of nervousness or anxiety about starting a new job? Well, you’re not alone – even for the most confident of people, starting a new job can be hugely nerve-wracking, and that’s completely normal. Nerves are the body’s natural response to change and the unknown , however, feeling a sense of nervous...

  A recent report co-produced by the European Commission has indicated that Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental illness in Europe. As an issue that is clearly affecting people on a national scale, it should be considered part of any employer’s responsibility to ensure they are promoting a mentally healthy workplace that is...

New technologies are rapidly changing the society in which we live and work, and the increasing prevalence of automation promises to transform things still further. As an industry, construction and property is no stranger to digital transformation, as the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into architecture, engineering and construction demonstrates. According to our...

Digital technology is undeniably having a huge impact on both society and the workplace, generating unprecedented and constant change. It also brings potentially endless opportunities for organisations to innovate and outperform their competitors – but only if they are able to effectively overcome the barriers they face in doing so. One important, yet often underestimated barrier...

Ireland’s tech professionals are on the front line of the automation revolution, supporting the building and integration of technology that is transforming workplaces at home and abroad. According to our latest research in the What Workers Want Ireland 2019 report , the level of investment and positive sentiment around technological change is high. 77% of Irish employers say their...

For a wide variety of reasons, workers are increasingly taking time out from their career. ‘Returnship’ programmes can help organisations effectively and efficiently bring them back. In the latest Hays Journal, we explore what you need to consider before putting such programmes in place. There’s no let-up in the war for talent and skills. Availability of key skills, in particular, is a...


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