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  The COVID-19 crisis has left most of the nation under lockdown . Of course, many of us have been left feeling worried or anxious about our own health, as well as the health and wellbeing of our loved ones. However, it’s also had a huge impact on our professional lives. Many organisations are feeling the pressure, and employees need to be even more responsive,...

“I’ve never had a phone or video interview before, what if it goes wrong?” “I feel worried about the impact of the virus, what if that negatively impacts my performance?” 80% of all the thoughts we have are negative. Yes, you read that right, 80% of the 12,000-16,000 thoughts we have every day are negative. And, of course, I don’t need to tell you that this percentage has most...

There is no doubt that these are unprecedented and challenging times. However, you might still be thinking about your career and what your next steps might look like. Here are our tips for job hunting during lockdown: 1. Get the basics ready First things first: ensure you have an up-to-date CV – take a look at our tips on getting your CV ready , or find out more about building a...

Managing people is not easy even when you’re in the office, so now everyone is working from home, looking after your team can be a real challenge. In order to succeed and make sure your team’s wellbeing is cared for – while also maintaining productivity – you might need to make some changes to your management style. Here are six best practice tips for helping you manage your team on a...

With many of us currently working from home, it is perhaps inevitable that those searching for a new job will be asked to carry out a phone or video interview by a prospective employer. It can be more difficult to make the best impression when you are not speaking to someone face-to-face, so what can you do to ensure you ace your next interview over the phone? Before your...

A few words on a screen just don’t do justice to the global health emergency we all currently find ourselves grappling with. COVID-19, as it spreads throughout the world, is taking over everything we know and everything we are. It’s dominating headlines. It’s dominating our conversations. It’s dominating our thoughts. It’s dominating virtually every part of our lives. Facing a crisis...

Compassion is an integral leadership quality which is needed to support your team through thick and thin. But never has leading compassionately been more important than it is today in light of a rapidly changing world of work, which is operating more remotely than it has before. It’s becoming increasingly clear that leaders need to adapt their management style under the current...

Many parents try to limit working from home with their children to the occasional sick or snow day. However, all that is set to change during these unprecedented times. With schools closed, working from home and ‘social distancing’ now our unusual reality, many families are finding themselves in the position of needing to work and mind children – at the same time, under the same roof. ...

What is workplace culture?  “You don’t need everyone physically together to create a strong culture. The best cultures derive from actions people actually take.” Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of Basecamp and authors of New York Times bestseller ‘ReWork’. “Culture” is hard to define, as it means something slightly different for every company. However,...

Working from home can bring with it a number of challenges, whether they be in-home distractions or general technology frustrations. However, it can also be an isolating and even lonely experience, especially if you are new to it. So, what can you do to look after your wellbeing when working from home? How can you create healthy boundaries between your work and personal lives, stay...


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