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When actively job hunting, tech professionals often have an idea of the type of organisation they want to work for. But is that necessarily where you are placed to utilise your talents to the full? Are you best matched to an IT leadership role at a corporate organisation, or more suited to the innovative world of tech start-ups? The ‘benefits’ of working at either a start-up, corporate...

A recent Gartner report claims that in two years, 70 per cent of organisations will have integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist their employees’ productivity. Of course, whether it is customer service chatbots or sales and marketing forecasting and predictive analytics, AI is already ‘here’ for many businesses. However, as promising as these new technologies are, the speed...

Whether it is due to disinterest in managing relationships, an aversion to endless meetings or that it simply isn’t an option available to you – people management may not be the way to progress your career. However, it is not the case that managing others is a necessity to achieve success. There are many non-people management routes and here are our suggestions for how to pursue them: ...

There are plenty of common traits shared by people from every walk of life, working at all levels, in each part of the world – for example, all of us eat, breathe, sleep and have imagination. But until that imagination is applied to something, can we all honestly say that we’re creative? And what exactly is creativity? A philosophy? A work of art? Essentially, creativity is both of...

Choosing to move to a foreign country is an excellent way to propel your career forward. In July 2018, it was announced that Domènec Torrent, who had most recently been Pep Guardiola’s right hand man at sister club Manchester City FC, would take up the role as Head Coach of New York City FC. Commenting on the move, Torrent said, “Though I have enjoyed a wonderful 11 years working...

Industry 4.0 is nothing new, especially where I am based in Germany. I still remember when this term began to gather momentum at the 2011 Hannover fair, following a great deal of research conducted by the Ministry of Education. We were introduced to the idea that machines could create virtual replicas of the physical world in order to make decentralised decisions and operate in real life...

Over the past year there has been a lot more talk around the concept of having a multi-stage career path, and how this impacts employees and employers of today. We can no longer deny the many ways in which AI will impact the way we learn and teach others. It is an era of ongoing change, to say the least – so what trends should you be aware of? 1. The arrival of multi-stage careers ...

Whilst Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers is now a household name, Ada Lovelace – often regarded as the first person to recognise the full potential of a ‘computing machine’ and the world’s first computer programmer – arguably remains less well-know. Fast forward to 2019, and women are still struggling to have their voices heard in the tech industry. In 2017, just 18.9% of ICT...

Construction and property is often used as an example of a traditionally male dominated industry, a position difficult to argue against when you consider that only 1 in 10 employees are female, according to research from the  CIF . The ongoing perception that construction and property is not as accessible to women has impacted efforts to improve diversity in the sector and improve...

Every day, I meet talented accountancy and finance professionals who excel in their field. These are often hard-working, ambitious women, but from many of them I keep hearing the same thing, that they are still struggling to have their voices heard by their employers. Only half (52%) of women working in Ireland today believe that their opinions are heard and respected, our research for...


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