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Proving your ability to do a role in an interview is a staple of the process, you will always be asked to demonstrate why you are the most suitable candidate. But, how do you do this if you have just graduated from university with a short employment history and a large amount of academic knowledge? Fear not, you are not the only graduate in this position and the good news is hiring...

Have you recently finished education and are now about to take your first step into the world of professional work? If so, then creating your first graduate CVmay feel like a difficult task, given that you don’t have much professional experience to your name yet, and the advice your careers counsellor gave you at school is now outdated or forgotten. Understandably, you may be feeling...

According to the renowned American psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman, there is a simple formula which can be used to boost happiness and wellbeing: the ‘PERMA’ model. This formula is made up of five elements, which includes positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement. To help explain more about how we can apply this in the workplace, we spoke with Gordon...

Are you a data scientist and budding writer who wants to set up your own magazine? Perhaps you’re a busy managerial accountant who dreams of one day running photography workshops at the weekends? Or maybe you’re a teacher who wants to generate additional income by selling your metalwork sculptures? These are all real stories of real people that have successfully set up their own ‘side...

Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental illness in Europe, according to a new report co-produced by the European Commission. As a clearly extremely prevalent national issue, it should be considered part of an employer’s ethical responsibility to provide workplace guidance and support to anyone experiencing issues with their mental health and wellbeing. So what can organisations...

With some job adverts continuing to attract hundreds of applicants, and competition for roles still fierce in some areas, standing out amid a sea of CVs can be a challenging task. So what key points must your CV address to catch the eye of a prospective employer? The reasoning behind your interest in this job, company and industry The value you can bring to the role The...

Launched in 2014, Starling Bank is one of the fastest-growing challenger banks. In this  Hays Journal , founder and CEO Anne Boden tells us why she believes the finance industry still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity. Anne Boden is not somebody who is afraid of change. Having studied Computer Science and Chemistry at Swansea University, she switched her focus to...

Many studies indicate that wellbeing programmes can improve productivity and retention. But is making such programmes compulsory a help or hindrance to organisations and their workforces? In the latest  Hays Journal, we explore the potential benefits and pitfalls of enforcing participation. You would be hard pushed to find anybody who is willing to argue the case against wellness...

Ensuring that our clients have the talent they need to drive their organisations forward – to put it simply – is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. To do this we need to ensure that they have access to the widest pool of talent possible. Of course, today this is increasingly challenging. Skills shortages are growing, and the competition for talent is fiercer than ever....

For many SME leaders, staff retention can seem daunting as they strive to compete with larger, more established corporates who are potentially better able to pull the trump-card of a better salary and benefits package. However, that presupposes that all jobseekers are influenced by only these two factors. In fact, as we discovered from our What Worker’s Want reports , whilst...


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