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In the coming days and weeks, many of us will be adapting the way we work to work remotely from home. This change will also affect the way interviews are undertaken, so don’t be surprised if your prospective employer suggests a virtual meet-up ahead of a  face-to-face interview . Instead, use these steps to prepare for your brilliant (virtual) first impression. 1. Set the scene...

Picture it now: You’ve spent the last week intensely preparing for your job interview, you are confident and mentally ready for anything the interviewer may throw at you. You walk into the room when suddenly, to your horror, your mind has gone completely blank when asked the first question. Why do our minds suddenly go blank? We’re only human and whether it be during an exam,...

These days, most organisations understand why they should support diversity and inclusion, and they have a coherent agenda that works towards this. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take our own personal responsibility for making our workplaces more inclusive. After all, our individual behaviours, attitudes and mindsets have an impact on the lives of others and help shape...

  We’re all human. We have different hopes and dreams, and different fears and flaws. We’re all unique in our own unique way. It’s our uniqueness that makes each one of us 7.8 billion human beings on this planet, human. But what is it that sets us apart from all the other species? For a race as complex as ours, this is a...

  Given that post-Brexit we might finally have a reprieve after years of uncertainty, it is interesting to look at what job trends we can expect to see and the 2020 employment trends. Many of the employers we speak to are struggling to find the people they need, so it is particularly important to look at what’s happening across...

  We often become good friends with the people that work both with and for us – even our bosses. But, while that may be a great thing for improving your happiness at work, and even making us feel more fulfilled, could these friendships be inadvertently acting as a barrier to career progress?  But what if you were to be...

  In preparation for your interview, you might think that the most important thing to equip yourself with is what you’re going to say when answering specific types of interview questions. However, something that many candidates don’t consider is how they approach answering the question. Therefore, if you have an upcoming...

    I recently read that  67%  of 6-9-year olds say that saving the planet will be the ‘central mission of their careers’ in the future. That stat struck me as fascinating, but not all together surprising. I think we’d all agree, that for all of us, regardless of our age, the reasons behind the career...

  Business leaders are increasingly understanding and expecting to see  the value and benefits  that a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture can bring their organisation. However, it isn’t always easy to measure and track the progress made in this area and, crucially, the sought after positive impact that...

  By the end of this decade there will be five generations working side-by-side in many of our nation’s workplaces as later retirement ages and longer life expectancy start to make their presence felt in the world of work. As with all aspects of diversity, an age-diverse workforce presents organisations with the opportunity to...


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