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Digital technology is undeniably having a huge impact on both society and the workplace, generating unprecedented and constant change. It also brings potentially endless opportunities for organisations to innovate and outperform their competitors – but only if they are able to effectively overcome the barriers they face in doing so. One important, yet often underestimated barrier in...

Ireland’s tech professionals are on the front line of the automation revolution, supporting the building and integration of technology that is transforming workplaces at home and abroad. According to our latest research in the What Workers Want Ireland 2019 report, the level of investment and positive sentiment around technological change is high. 77% of Irish employers say their functional...

For a wide variety of reasons, workers are increasingly taking time out from their career. ‘Returnship’ programmes can help organisations effectively and efficiently bring them back. In the latest Hays Journal, we explore what you need to consider before putting such programmes in place. There’s no let-up in the war for talent and skills. Availability of key skills, in particular, is a...

It’s become increasingly common to have gaps in your employment history. You may have been taking care of your children or a family member. Maybe you’ve been travelling or decided to go back to university. Career gaps can also be caused, of course, by redundancy. Most people have some sort of gap in their career history, and, as our CEO Alistair Cox explained in a recent LinkedIn Influencer...

Investment in automation technology has the potential to unlock innumerable opportunities for the accountancy and finance profession. Automation enables the reduction of administrative tasks and manual processing, allowing those working in the profession to dedicate more time to analysis, insight, strategic thinking and creativity. Automation investment is high on the agenda for many...

Pride month and the celebrations that take place across much of the world are an annual reminder that we should all be free to be open about our sexual and gender identities without fear of persecution, discrimination, prejudice or bigotry. This year’s Pride celebrations felt particularly poignant as they fell on the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, a series of events which mark...

Aside from the occasional downpour or an unexpectedly cancelled flight, there is only one thing that is sure to put a dampener on any employer’s enjoyment of the warmer weather: being short-staffed thanks to holidays and annual leave requests. Of course, you and your colleagues have all earned your well-deserved breaks. But while work expectations can be managed throughout most of the year,...

Have you recently been asked to attend a Skype interview for a job? It can be daunting to interview over the phone, let alone over Skype, where the added element of technology can increase the chances of something going wrong. I have put together a few of my top tips below to help you get through your Skype interview smoothly and let your personality shine through, without any technical...

So, in this blog, I want to explore why, in today’s ever-evolving world of work, I think it is now more important than ever before that leaders hire people who they believe have the potential to be ‘better’ than them one day, or, indeed, already have ‘better’ expertise than they do in certain areas. I’ll also take a look at what I think are the reasons why this doesn’t always happen. By...

Proving your ability to do a role in an interview is a staple of the process, you will always be asked to demonstrate why you are the most suitable candidate. But, how do you do this if you have just graduated from university with a short employment history and a large amount of academic knowledge? Fear not, you are not the only graduate in this position and the good news is hiring managers...


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