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  In preparation for your interview, you might think that the most important thing to equip yourself with is what you’re going to say when answering specific types of interview questions. However, something that many candidates don’t consider is how they approach answering the question. Therefore, if you have an upcoming interview or you are thinking...

    I recently read that 67% of 6-9-year olds say that saving the planet will be the ‘central mission of their careers’ in the future. That stat struck me as fascinating, but not all together surprising. I think we’d all agree, that for all of us, regardless of our age, the reasons behind the career choices we make are becoming more...

  Business leaders are increasingly understanding and expecting to see the value and benefits that a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture can bring their organisation. However, it isn’t always easy to measure and track the progress made in this area and, crucially, the sought after positive impact that this progress returns to the...

  By the end of this decade there will be five generations working side-by-side in many of our nation’s workplaces as later retirement ages and longer life expectancy start to make their presence felt in the world of work. As with all aspects of diversity, an age-diverse workforce presents organisations with the opportunity to better understand customer...

  The guidance of a good mentor can significantly help within the development of your career. They’ll share their experience and knowledge, open new opportunities, offer career advice and help you get ahead professionally. However, considering all of this, it’s normal for recipients to think that it’s the mentor’s duty of ensuring the relationship works....

    As the old adage goes, “New Year, New Career”. The January blues may be an all too relatable prospect for many – money worries after Christmas overspending and dread at the thought of returning to busy public transport commutes – and you may be worrying about the direction your career is heading in, or whether it’s even the right direction....

  As productivity levels stagnate to below pre-financial crisis levels, is time running out for traditional measures, such as output? Will businesses need to focus on new areas to see improvements? It feels like a week cannot pass without seeing a new story on the productivity crisis faced by many organisations. And the headlines are not...

Tweet   The construction industry in Ireland has continued to experience a steady period of growth, and with skills shortages ongoing in certain areas, attracting talent continues to be a challenge. This demand looks set to continue into 2020, and the 3.2% salary increases across the construction and property sector over the last 12 months are heavily...

Tweet   The number of tech roles available in Ireland continues to far outstrip the number of skilled professionals, and this candidate shortage looks set to endure into 2020. According to the Hays Ireland Salary & Recruiting Trends 2020 report, the vast majority (92%) of Irish employers overall have experienced skills shortages in the past 12...

  Your organisation’s approach to culture has a significant impact on retention. But let’s clarify something before we dive into the practicalities: retention is not always the be-all and end-all: Sometimes it’s important that someone does not stay in your organisation. Perhaps your culture is the thing that will help them choose to leave, not stay,...


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