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Improving healthcare outcomes through science and innovation is the common goal for Ireland’s life sciences start-ups, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and big pharma corporates alike. If this is what connects them, then there is plenty to set them apart, not least when it comes to workplace culture and the attraction and retention of talent.  Attracting talent from big...

Does it have a negative impact on your career? In short, no it doesn’t. While there are many negative perceptions, our recent research shows that improved work-life balance could have a positive impact on a professional’s productivity and make it easier to pursue their next career step. Results from our  Hays Ireland Gender Diversity Report 2017  show  75% of women...

Differences in gender pay is a constant topic of discussion, particularly in the UK with the first instance of mandatory gender pay gap reporting coming into force in April 2018. Even though salary discrepancies have narrowed, recent research shows that there are still large pay gaps occurring in senior procurement roles. Considerable pay gaps within senior procurement roles Within...

You have a vacancy to fill and a shortlist of applicants who are mid-way through the interview process. Among the applicants, there is one candidate who particularly stands out and your instinct is telling you to choose them, yet hiring them could be risky. Whether it’s a gap in their CV or their lack of experience in your industry, something is stopping you from making the offer. It...

By 2020, it’s predicted that businesses across the world will spend a combined $47bn on artificial intelligence (AI), and it appears that every aspect of our lives – from shopping and leisure to work and personal finance – will be transformed as machines leverage data to provide us with tailored, personalised services at scale. With such a wide-ranging impact, it’s only natural to...

75% of businesses have a mentoring program for their junior employees. These programs are designed to help new joiners integrate seamlessly into the business while also helping them quickly develop the necessary skill set. But how many of these programmes are focused on senior figures within an organisation? Being a leader can often be lonely. Many leaders are too proud to ask for...

The rapid development in technologies have left many employers scrambling to deliver IT and business transformation faster than ever before. As a result, employers view IT contractors as an ideal flexible resource to help them deliver projects and add technical skills in areas where a team is falling short. Thankfully, it’s not just employees who benefit, the scale of this change also...

In a world where innovation attracts the best IT talent, how can you make legacy technology equally attractive? Legacy technology has the potential to create serious challenges for CIOs and IT managers. Currently, it’s proving increasingly difficult to replace professionals who are exceptional at working with these technologies, since many are now reaching the end of their...

As a business leader, you know that staying on top of the digital transformations in your industry is a fundamental part of how well you retain your customers and maintain your prominence within the market. As our  CEO, Alistair Cox , outlines in one of his public speeches, digital transformation “gives you an opportunity to evolve your own business and adapt to new and modern...

Over the course of your career, you’ve likely worked with counterparts who are respectful, collaborative and with whom you get along fabulously. Unfortunately, you’ve also most likely run into counterparts who are decidedly less pleasant to interact with, who are rude, condescending, insulting, aggressive – or all four. So how can you achieve successful negotiations in these particular...


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