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In these difficult times, most interviews are being conducted remotely either over the phone or by video call.  So, in this podcast, we’re joined by Gaelle Blake, Director of Permanent Employment at Hays UK and Ireland. Gaelle is here to share her expert advice for those who are worried about interviewing remotely, to help them overcome their fears and secure their next job. Below...

Shaking hands enthusiastically before a face-to-face meeting, sharing pens to scribble down ideas during a brainstorming session, bonding with our colleagues whilst taking part in a team building session. These are all innately human social interactions that we wouldn’t have thought twice about doing before the pandemic hit. In our pre-COVID working world, it was interactions like these that...

In these unusual times, isolation and uncertainty can cause anxiety and stress – and this can be even harder on those who are already struggling with their mental health. To gain insight over how professionals are coping, we recently carried out a survey of over 1,700 professionals across Ireland. Our findings showed that since lockdown was enforced wellbeing has fallen. Just over two thirds...

It’s no understatement to say that the Covid-19 crisis has caused huge shifts to our working practices and transformed industry landscapes beyond recognition. One thing this has made clear, however, is how integral tech professionals with the right skills are to organisational success. Which are the industries to see most demand? Certain industries in particular have seen increased demand...

It’s no understatement to say that the Covid-19 crisis has caused huge shifts to our working practices and transformed industry landscapes beyond recognition. What this has made clear, however, is how integral tech professionals are to this new working order, particularly with the increased spotlight on systems and technology in the wake of the mass transition to remote working. With some...

Well, what a challenging year this is turning out to be. We’re not even halfway through and have already experienced more change and upheaval than we ever could have predicted, and the changes aren’t stopping or slowing down just yet. No doubt your organisation, like ours, had to make the unprecedented change of catapulting all employees into remote work, almost overnight. No matter where we...

  Covid-19 is unlike anything that we’ve seen in recent history. It has dramatically changed our day-to-day lives and the way in which we work, meaning organisations and professionals have had to adapt to this new world rapidly and take on new challenges. One issue, a prolonged period of isolation could create, is the negative impact on people’s mental wellbeing. So, what can we learn...

When it comes to managing our teams, the coronavirus pandemic has brought a whole host of unique challenges and obstacles we couldn’t have predicted. The priority for all of us is to ensure the health and safety of our people. But, how do we as managers and leaders, when faced with extended periods of lockdown and into the new era of work that will include increased remote working, help...

The world of work is moving into a new era. As the lockdown lifts, we’ll in all likelihood find ourselves in a ‘hybrid’ phase for a long time, where social distancing rules still apply, but organisations will be keen to get staff back into the workplace. This will result in an agile style of working in which employees will be dividing their time between remote and on-site working. Temporary...

To say that 2020 hasn’t exactly got off to the best start for many of us would be the understatement of the century. Here in Australia, we were only just beginning to start the recovery from the devastating bushfires that wreaked havoc across the country, impacting massively on lives, businesses and wildlife. This wasn’t just happening in Australia, many other parts of the world have also had...


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