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How are you feeling? Really? I’ve spoken to lots of people recently who are putting a brave and happy face on things, but underneath, they’re struggling, they’re feeling despondent and finding it hard to motivate themselves at work. They feel as if they’ve lost their work mojo. The summer holidays they were looking forward to were different from what they had planned for or perhaps didn’t...

In the current chaos and uncertainty combined with the pace of change and fragility of our lives, making time for reflection becomes a necessity for sanity and effectiveness, rather than a simple luxury. I would like to share with you the analogy of the ‘dancefloor and the balcony’ When we are rocking our moves on the dancefloor, we are in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and although...

At the beginning of this year – which feels like a lifetime ago – the jobs market here in the US was on track to thrive with record low unemployment rates and a very bullish economic outlook. Then, out of nowhere, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and turned the global economy on its head. As a result, the hiring landscape has shifted significantly, with industries experiencing severe...

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought tragedy and turmoil, there’s no understating that. However, some genuinely positive changes have come about as a result of the disruption. In the early stages of the crisis, you might have understandably imagined that the initial interruption to our lives would only be temporary, and that after a little while, things would generally return to...

Networking: a word that drives fear into the heart of many introverts! That’s often because many still have a stereotypical view of what networking means. Such as working a room and making a strong charismatic first impression in a time limited situation. This is a very narrow and outdated view of networking in our current world. Of course, now, in the midst of a pandemic, being physically...

The Irish labour market has been transformed by the disruptive events of recent months, with heavy job losses in certain key industries dominating the overall picture. However, this is not the full story. What’s the picture of the labour market? According to the CSO August 2020 Labour Market Survey, there are more people in employment now than there were this time last year, and, while...

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both change and uncertainty to the world of work. As a result, many professionals are feeling unsure about their career paths and how best to take the next steps in their professional journeys. So today we’re joined by Sarah Ellis, Co-founder of the professional training and consultancy business, Amazing If. Sarah is here to provide her expert...

  Landing a job interview is always good news, and could lead to an exciting new step in your career. But balancing it with your existing professional responsibilities can be tricky. Even though many interviews are now increasingly being conducted remotely, you will still likely need to somehow manoeuvre getting time off to attend the interview, and potentially reorganise your work...

Interrupted education. Internships withdrawn. Cancelled graduation ceremonies. First job offers retracted. First jobs furloughed. First jobs completely lost. The COVID-19 crisis has robbed many of the younger generation – those just on the cusp of starting their professional lives – of experiencing so many of life’s important milestones. It has disrupted the very rhythm of their lives, and,...

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately meant that many business leaders are having to take the difficult decision to make structural changes and reductions in headcount. If your organisation is currently going through the process of downsizing, then you must ensure you give your company the best chance to thrive in the new era of work by effectively managing the...


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