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The rapid development in technologies have left many employers scrambling to deliver IT and business transformation faster than ever before. As a result, employers view IT contractors as an ideal flexible resource to help them deliver projects and add technical skills in areas where a team is falling short. Thankfully, it’s not just employees who benefit, the scale of this change also...

In a world where innovation attracts the best IT talent, how can you make legacy technology equally attractive? Legacy technology has the potential to create serious challenges for CIOs and IT managers. Currently, it’s proving increasingly difficult to replace professionals who are exceptional at working with these technologies, since many are now reaching the end of their...

As a business leader, you know that staying on top of the digital transformations in your industry is a fundamental part of how well you retain your customers and maintain your prominence within the market. As our  CEO, Alistair Cox , outlines in one of his public speeches, digital transformation “gives you an opportunity to evolve your own business and adapt to new and modern...

Over the course of your career, you’ve likely worked with counterparts who are respectful, collaborative and with whom you get along fabulously. Unfortunately, you’ve also most likely run into counterparts who are decidedly less pleasant to interact with, who are rude, condescending, insulting, aggressive – or all four. So how can you achieve successful negotiations in these particular...

Following a boost in computing power, many people predicted a data revolution for HR. While advances have certainly been made, many organisations are failing to get the most out of the data available. Barney Ely, Hays Director, explores the ways in which data can be used to drive HR insight for businesses.  1. Understand the end goal It is important to decide what you hope to...

Heinz recently opened a pop-up shop on Wicklow Street, Dublin, called Heinz Meanz Beanz. It offered a range of meals using their world-famous baked beans. The best part; if you supported their social media campaign, you got to eat for free! The strength of the Heinz Beans brand meant the pop-up was a huge success. It created positive thoughts of home, family, comfort, quality and...

I specialise in recruiting for PA/EA roles. These roles are crucial to the effective running of an organisation. You are the glue that holds a business together, ensuring it operates smoothly and effectively. There is a reoccurring challenge I come across when recruiting for PA’s, EA’s and team administration roles. This challenge lies within the description of your skill set. I see a...

The next 12 months in emerging technology promise to be exciting. Why? Because the technology that has previously been conceptual or specific to certain sectors is about to proliferate and become mainstream. So, what jobs will arise from this, and where might they exist? James Milligan, Hays Director, discusses eight new emerging jobs within IT.  1. Virtual Reality (VR) Developer...

While English is often the common language of business, it’s important to remember that it may be the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) language of your counterparts. Founder and CEO of advantagesSPRING, Natalie Reynolds, discusses the top tips to lead successful negotiations with your multilingual counterparts.   1. Avoid colloquialisms There are certain business phrases that...

The demand for Technical Facilities Managers and experienced Facilities Coordinators remains constant but a change is coming with the completion of new buildings around Dublin in the very near future and the strength of service provider competition. Be ready for this change and start with a new CV that gets you noticed for the right reasons. 1. Do you see yourself in your summary? ...


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