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Shifting to Digital - is the idea of traditional marketing slowly fading?



Digital Marketing is on the rise in terms of both sophistication levels and global acceptance, and the scope for different businesses and brands to interact with their target market is boundless. With 2017 unsurprisingly being the most active year for digital to date, companies need to start incorporating these new trends in their strategic planning process for 2018 in order to attract and retain both customers as well as attract new talent.

Digital is an ever-evolving industry that encourages organisations to keep ahead of the trends, and our clients are no different. Most of our native digital customer base companies now specialise in Fintech, Edtech, Medtech, Media & Entertainment, E-commerce, Data Management & Analytics, Software Development and Advertising & Marketing.

In a previous blog by Hays CEO Alistair Cox, he discussed how it’s now essential for businesses to stay on top of digital transformations within your industry. Although technology and consumer trends evolve, some aspects change less frequently than others. One of these is the importance of how customers feel when they interact with businesses and their representatives. No matter what trends you anticipate and prioritise for 2018, do not lose sight of where your customer fits into the business. In most cases, this is right in the centre, so a user-centric approach will always be key, no matter what evolutions happen around you. Do everything you can to learn more about your customers and ensure their journey and experience is a top business priority.

Industry trends

Big data and predictive analysis have had a massive impact in shaping how digital marketers think. Digital Marketing professionals are now more data and ROI-focused when it comes to devising strategy and big budget campaigns across a variety of platforms. Companies expect candidates to have technical knowledge of revenue-boosting activities, while still pushing the point that the more creatively this is done, the better.

Real-time communication with a strong customer focus is becoming the driving force necessary for customer-centric user experiences. Digital Marketing candidates must embrace preparation for digital disruption – a vital item to be considered in your business’s strategy if you are to evolve along with your competitors and industry.

Organisations also need digital marketing professionals with UX/Mobile skills to analyse and enhance user experience, behaviours and patterns and provide measurable insights leading to company conversions. The demand is increasing in this area as companies continue to compete to be leaders in customer experience.

Skill-sets that are mostly desired are:

  • SEO, PPC
  • Social Media
  • Digital Content/Communications
  • UX and Marketing Automation Specialists
  • Digital Analytics

Companies are moving with the shifts in required skills these days, and while the demand for Digital Marketing candidates is on the rise, a balance between generalists and specialists is essential to have a true focus on Digital marketing. As the demand is as strong as ever for technical/digital candidates we are now left with a skill shortage here in Ireland.

Hays provides permanent and contract recruitment solutions to native digital organisations and traditional businesses embracing digital transformation. To apply for Digital Marketing jobs, please contact your local office or click here for more information.

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