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#HerHaysStory Maureen Lynch, Director

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#HerHaysStory takes a look at the unique journeys of some of our inspiring female employees, what they've learned, why they love what they do and how they have progressed their careers. In this article Maureen Lynch, Director, shares #HerHaysStory, which includes the highlights of her career and tips for making the most of a career in recruitment.  

How to be bold and drive change

I joined Hays in 2000 as an Associate Consultant and quickly discovered a passion for my job and the industry. No two days are the same and I love the dynamic interactions with people and businesses.

My journey at Hays began in a small office in Cork with no reputation or history. What followed was an interesting journey in recruitment, working through the dotcom bubble that quickly became the dotcom crash. Then the heights of the Celtic Tiger quickly became the great global recession. All of these experiences without exception, made me more determined and driven to succeed as I moved through the business to become a Director. Like every job, there have been challenges and obstacles along the way, but also great success and many career highlights.

Career highlight

There have been numerous highlights, including the opportunity to work with great people, see their careers grow and the opportunity to get involved in non-recruitment related activities. One in particular was the opportunity to spearhead an initiative called Coderdojo alongside colleagues in the UK. The platform is now a global network of free, volunteer-led, community based programming clubs for young people, helping interweave coding and digital skills into the younger generation’s skillsets. Hays introduced the platform to some of its top clients, who quickly adopted it and have since incorporated this into their own organisations.

Building on its starting point in Cork, we approached our IT candidates and started a campaign encouraging involvement in Coderdojo. Many candidates have been able to enjoy attending events, as well as volunteering their time to teach young people how to code.

More recently we’ve been able to support a newer initiative called Teen-Turn, by introducing girls from disadvantaged schools to coding, with the aim of inspiring young women to consider a career in the area of STEM, hopefully securing them future employment and future success. In the world of recruitment, it isn’t just about finding jobs, but also attracting talent and thinking ahead to the next generation’s workforce.

There is so much to a recruiting career at Hays and you never know what opportunities could arise for you, beyond what you might typically imagine. But you have to be willing to think outside of the box and be innovative in your approach.

Here are my three tips for making the most of a recruiting career:

1. Embrace challenge

It won’t all be smooth sailing, and there will be challenges along the way. However, if you accept and embrace the tough parts, you can take learning’s from them.

2. Be open to new opportunities

It only takes a small idea or initiative to arise for you to make an impact on others’ lives. A recruiting career is what you make it, and taking on opportunities head first could open doors to so much more.

3. Work together

Your colleagues are your greatest assets, and your team are there to support you throughout your career journey. By working together and creating great relationships you will often find that the success is greater.

After 17 years at Hays I am still driven by the many challenges and opportunities that come my way in a fast-paced, dynamic world that continues to evolve. I am proud to be bold and driven.

Find out more about the opportunities available and start your Hays story today.