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Top three reasons you should be an IT contractor



The rapid development in technologies have left many employers scrambling to deliver IT and business transformation faster than ever before. As a result employers view IT contractors as an ideal flexible resource to help them deliver projects and add technical skills in areas where a team is falling short.

Thankfully, it’s not just employees who benefit, the scale of this change also benefits IT contractors. Below I have identified the top reasons that prove contracting is too good to pass up.

1. Increased earning potential

Increased earning potential is undoubtedly the top benefit for IT contractors with higher day rates being the number one reason professionals choose contracting, rather than remaining permanent employees. Currently the demand for contractors is high and the market is very strong with no sign of slowing down, this means you will often start your next project immediately after the conclusion of your current project. Many contract roles will also pay overtime and could be more tax efficient.

2. Freedom from office politics

As a contractor there are no politics related to climbing the corporate ladder. In permanent roles you often sweat over performance reviews and work extra hours to make a good impression with management, this is not a concern for contractors. You are there to complete your project and leave once it’s done. This allows you to purely focus on the project at hand, rather than a long term game-plan for moving upwards within the company.

3. Control over your career

As an IT contractor you choose what assignments you take on, what clients you work for, where and when. This gives you a degree of independence. With this freedom of choice you will develop expertise and contacts in specific areas which will stand to you in the future, something you may not be afforded in a perm role.

When making the move to contracting there are many factors to consider, but it is a very attractive option depending on your circumstance.

To find out more, or to discuss your recruitment needs, please contact your local consultant.