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Consumer Protection

The Role of the Regulator
Updated: 03 Dec 2015

Last September, Hays Financial Services, in association with Compliance Ireland, invited you to meet the Regulator

Bernard Sheridan, Director of Consumer Protection, Central Bank of Ireland commented on his directorate's role and issues arising in the area of consumer protection in the financial services sector.

Click here for a copy of Bernard Sheridan's presentation.

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Kevin O'Doherty, Director, Compliance Ireland described how the new Consumer Protection Code 2012 is impacting on regulated firms in practice and how firms should respond to minimise the risks of enforcement action.

Click here for a copy of Kevin O'Doherty's presentation.

Richie Smith, Business Director, Hays Financial Services and Banking in Dublin compered the event.


  • The Central Bank’s perspective on Consumer Protection
  • Implementing the Consumer Protection Code 2012

The Consumer Protection Code (2012 Code), came into effect on 1st January 2012 for regulated entities including banks, insurance and investment companies and intermediaries. The Code strengthens protections for consumers of financial institutions.

Recent enforcement actions have centered on a lack of procedures for complaints handling and having inadequate systems and controls in place for checking compliance with the CPC.  This seminar gives an unprecedented opportunity for regulated firms to hear directly from the Director of Consumer Protection what the 2012 Code means for their firms.

In addition, Compliance Ireland gave a consultant's perspective on the situation - what firms can and should do to avoid regulatory problems. Are you wondering what the fuss is all about? Or are you wondering what this means for you and your sector?

Are you wondering what the fuss is all about? Or are you wondering what this means for you and your sector? Check out the presentations' slides to get the answers you need.

This Seminar c
ounted towards CPD hours:

Institute of Bankers:      
0.5 CPD hours for QFA and CPD Member hours (relevant to all of the 8 MCC categories)
1.5 CPD hours for LCOI and Chartered Banker designates.

Professional Standards Advisory Board-General Insurance (PSAB-GI):   
1.5 hour formal CPD hours for CIP, Dip LA, Dip PMI, APA (PL, CL, PMI) and for CPD Members.