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How can you attract the best tech talent in the most competitive hiring market yet?


Today, every organisation’s data is under constant threat, bringing about a renewed focus on data management, security and availability. And it’s not just tech companies which are in need of IT and digital technology professionals: organisations across all sectors are competing for talent that is already scarce, as they look to protect their data.

The pipeline of tech talent is not keeping up with demand for key skills

According to Hays Ireland Salary & Recruiting Trends 2019, the IT and digital technology talent available is not currently meeting the huge demand for these skills within the market.

Certain scarce tech skills are in particular demand. For example, there is a significant need for data scientists with skills in R/Python as organisations improve their data science strategies. Further, a greater understanding of the importance of internal and external customer user experience is leading to increased demand for front end developers using JavaScript.

Additionally, the need for more effective use of SQL databases positively impacts recruitment for data analysts, and continued digital transformation is driving an increased need for software engineers with skills in Java, C# and digital transformation project managers, as well as cloud engineers for those organisations migrating to cloud platforms. Security also remains a priority and the importance of preventing reputational damage and data breaches means that cyber security analysts will continue to be high in demand.

Unsurprisingly, many of these roles are likely to be filled by contract staff, working on short term projects.

But organisations across Ireland are also thinking outside the box. With skills in short supply and tough competition for skilled professionals, why not grow your own staff? Increasingly, organisations are looking to retrain their existing employees, to give them the IT and digital technology skills they need within their organisation.

With skilled IT and digital technology staff in such short supply, how do you make sure candidates are choosing to work for you?

  • Flexible working – more and more professionals are looking for flexible working arrangements, whether that is working at home some of the time or starting and finishing work at different times. Currently flexible working is offered about 25% of the time to employees in IT and digital technology. Get ahead of the competition with flexible working arrangements which appeal to candidates, and make sure you include them in your recruitment advertising.
  • Retraining and apprenticeships – whether investing in existing IT staff to give them additional skills, or completely retraining staff from other areas, upskilling your own employees is a good way to beat the competition. Apprenticeships mean employees can learn on the job while earning money, and they don’t just have to be for young people and school leavers.
  • Benefits packages – it goes without saying that from salary to annual leave and healthcare, employers should make sure they are offering candidates a competitive benefits package, if you want to attract the very best staff.

To discover more insights about the IT and digital technology market, and the prospects for the next year for technology as a whole, request your copy of the Hays salary guide here.

For more information or to discuss your recruitment needs in this field, please contact your local consultant.


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