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Hays Journal- Issue 11
Global insight for experts in the world of HR & recruitment

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Hays Journal is an award-winning thought-leadership publication which explores the current-issues and hot topics of the ever changing world of work. Find out what is in the latest issue below and request a copy.

Top stories from issue 11


Being human

With increasingly advanced technology in the workplace, are we in danger of losing the human touch?

Every day new stories emerge on the threat automation poses to jobs. The rise of the machines in the workplace has undoubtedly begun, and while the dissolution of some roles may have been on the cards for some time, now even lawyers and doctors can see parts of their work taken on by robots. But with new technology also comes opportunity.

See why it’s important to remember the power of the human touch.

Featuring: Roffey Park, Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering, Hull University Business School, Institute for Innovation at Audencia Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, SAP, EMC


Rising to the challenge

Early days

Could earlier engagement with school children help to bridge the talent gap that STEM-reliant industries face?

While it continues to evolve at a rate of knots, the talent needed to satisfy the advances in technology is so far falling short. Businesses that need staff with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are struggling to find the people they so desperately need.

Could earlier attraction to these industries be the answer? Some organisations are now working with primary school-aged children, in the hope of instilling an interest in STEM subjects much earlier.

Featuring: Honeywell Corporate Pacific, F1 in Schools, Atkins


The big idea

Diversity of thought

How can businesses use the benefits of a diverse workforce to boost their bottom line?

Many are finding it difficult to attract a diverse range of candidates. Yet even if they manage to solve this problem, simply having an inclusive and varied workforce is not enough.

Organisations must also empower staff to use the different skills, experiences and knowledge they possess. Find out how businesses can boost their bottom line by utilising the diversity of thought on offer.

Featuring: Goldman Sachs, Mentore, EY, ANZ


In the workplace

Next generation compliance

How can organisations respond to a world of increasing regulation?

Since the 2008 financial crisis, compliance has become increasingly important in the world of finance. To operate on a global level, firms need to adhere to increasingly complex regulation. Meanwhile, a number of high-profile whistleblowing cases have revealed the distinct lack of policy many businesses have in place to deal with these situations.

With these challenges in mind, demand for capable compliance talent is high. Will the finance industry need to look in new pools?

Featuring: The Risk Advisory Group, CCL UK, Galion Societe d’Avocats


Tricks of the trade

Growing pains

How can start-ups balance growth with keeping the culture that set them apart in the first place?

As SMEs grow they face numerous challenges. One of the main attractions of working for many of these businesses is their culture. Many pride themselves on being less formal than long-established competitors. However, as businesses grow it is inevitable that more processes will need to be implemented.

See how companies can balance growth while keeping those aspects that make them stand out as businesses.

Featuring: Benevity, Lambert, Roffey Park, DTL, truRating



Give staff a purpose

Wendy Murphy, EMEA HR Director at LinkedIn, explains the advantages of a purpose-led culture

LinkedIn make a commitment to every employee joining the company. New staff are told that they will transform themselves, the company and the world. They are also told that at some point in the future, they will leave. EMEA HR Director Wendy Murphy explains why the company believes the job for life no longer exists.


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